From .GRA to .KNK with Cute Writer

This post is mostly directed to users of Design Master, however Cute PDF Writer may be of interest to anyone who doesn’t already have a .pdf-creating program. In this video, I show where to download the free Cute PDF Writer application and how to use it in Design Master to print your image to file and then import the resulting .pdf into KNK Studio. This appears to be best way to do this conversion and, once again, I credit a member of UKS for discovering this easy successful method.

Converting GRA to KNK

Note that if you need to convert from .knk to .gra, then exporting as .ai is still the easiest method. Also, note that because .pdf’s will now import into Inkscape 0.46, this may also be of interest to those wanting to share their .gra creations with users of Inkscape who can then either export as .dxf for RoboMaster or save as .svg for Sure Cuts A Lot.