From Corel to KNK In a Flash!

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Okay… anyone out there use Corel Draw? Well there’s a real cool tie-in between this program and KNK Studio where you can transfer images in a click! First you’ll need to down a small executable file from CADLink called the Corel to Sign Lab Patch. Here’s a link and note that you’ll need to register, but it only takes a moment:

Once you have the file saved to your hard drive, run it and make sure you browse to your Klic-N-Kut Studio folder if it’s not automatically selected. That would normally be c:/Klic-N-Kut Studio (or it may have Element or GE after Studio).

Then, once that’s done, open up Corel and KNK Studio. Open your Corel file or design your images and select them. Then click on the Rocket icon on the upper task bar as shown in this figure:

A drop down menu will appear. Select the last option (CorelDRAW to Klic-N-Kut):

Your KNK Studio window will immediately pop up and you will see the “L” cursor, indicating you have something to paste into your document area. Simply left click once and the images from Corel Draw will be pasted into KNK Studio: