Aperture Card

One of the members of the Design Master Fun Yahoo group needed a reminder of how to create an Aperture card. So, today’s post is a video on this procedure. A few reminders to everyone about this entire process:

(1) You must create a frame from two shapes so that you can do your welding. Now, I kind of made it complicated by using the Transform>Outline tool in the video. You could actually just draw your oval and then draw anything around it… a rectangle, for example. Do the Arrange>Make Path and then later, after welding, delete the outer rectangle. It’s irrelevant what you choose for that outer path since it will later be deleted.

(2) The frame and the interior images must be the same color before welding.

(3) And don’t forget that Arrange>Text to Graphics will break up a typed title so that you can arrange the individual letters in any manner you choose!

Have fun with this! Here’s a link to the video: Aperture Card