Judy! Judy! Judy!

Judy K, famous for her amazing cupcake wrappers, took the quilling flower idea from my prior post to the next level! (She’s REALLY good at doing that! Just look at those cupcake wrapper files! lol).

Not only did she create some really beautiful chrysanthemums, including tracing a scan of an actual chrysanthemum leaf from her garden, but she also chalked her flowers to add extra dimension and used them to decorate some adorable little gift boxes:

But that’s not even the good part! Judy create a cutting file for a little device to make the quilling easier. She calls it her quilling helper and she cut hers from Grafix craft plastic:

I also cut one out from her file, but made it a little different. I cut mine from thin chipboard and then glued three together to form a nice thick version. I then poked the center hole with an awl and then was able to slip my quilling needle through that hole.

Here are the links to her quilling helper, if you want to cut out your own:

Quilling Helper in KNK Format

Quilling Helper in SVG Format

Quilling Helper in EPS Format

Once again, I thank Judy for her generous sharing of files, her participation at the KNK Yahoo groups, and her support of this blog!