Another Rhinestone Fill Option

Need a quick balanced rhinestone fill option? Check out the newest method I found for filling images in KNK Studio with circles. It involves using the Array function to create a pattern of horizontal lines through your image:

Move the image to the top of the lines. Select both the image and the line array and apply the AND Weld function:

Then another Make Path is applied, a circle added and the usual Transform>Fit Object to Path, results in the pink pattern shown at the top right of this post.

Other options are available. For example, I could have angled the lines or even made them vertical versus horizontal:

And this would have resulted in a different overall look as shown in the image in the middle. At this point, I could even borrow one part from image and combined it with another part from the other image, producing the fill pattern shown at the far right. As always… many options!

As usual, I have a video for those who want detail! Enjoy! Note that this method also works well filling letters.

Filling Rhinestone Patterns Using the AND Weld