Today’s question came up when someone at the I Love KNK Yahoo group asked for the name of a color detection program. I remembered a free one called “Color Detector” which is a handy utility and I’ve used it on a number of occasions. You can grab it from here: Color Detector

But the question reminded me that I had never posted here about a similar built-in feature in KNK Studio (and ACS, GE, DM) where you can not only click on a color to obtain the RGB color values, but also click on a button to automatically add that color to the Shop Palette in the software. This can be very useful when adding lettering or other vector images to a file for printing. Or, as I will show in a video tomorrow, for adding original colors back to vectorized images.

For today, watch this particular video and learn how to use the feature. It could come in handy sometime!

Using the Color Picker

One thing I failed to mention in the video: don’t be worried about adding new colors to your Shop Palette. These are only in affect for that particular file. When you launch a new blank file or open an existing file, you’ll be back to your default palette. Tomorrow I’ll also show you how to save a modified palette in case that situation ever arises.