Lisa B posted to the I Love KNK group asking if there is an easy way to fit your text into another shape… such as I show in the above screen shot. The answer is, “Yes, but you need to use Inkscape.” The process isn’t difficult, but it does require a number of steps as shown in today’s video:

Fitting Text to a Shape

If you do not already have Inkscape, then it’s a free download from and I believe this will work the same in either the 0.46 version or any of the beta 0.47 versions. The only tricky part I’ve run into is getting the text set to the font I want to use. Inkscape has always had a few quirks with their text function. But you should be able to do what I show in the video and then type what you need for your shape.

Also remember to verify that your original shape from KNK Studio matches the shape in Inkscape. It will also flip vertically during the conversion, so check that. Otherwise, have fun with it and maybe, someday, we’ll be able to do this in KNK Studio automatically!