Adding Dimensions to Your Patterns: OOPS…. Revised!


(Added 9/13)
If you’ve already watched the video below before Sunday, 3pm EDT, then watch it again. Sharon M and Elsie H both contributed information that helped in finding easier ways to do things so I made an entirely new video. Thanks ladies!

(Original Post)
Thanks so Sharon M for today’s blog post. She contacted me this morning asking about the Notes function, which she was using to manually type in various dimensions for a pattern.  I responded that there was a really easy way to add dimensions, using another icon under the Measure Tools, called the Object Dimension, in which you can easily create arrows with measurements by just dragging on the side of a selected object. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth ten thousand!  Watch and learn how easy it is to add dimensions to your projects in KNK and ACS Studio:

Adding Dimensions to Your Projects