Designing Rhinestone Patterns: Part 7


In today’s video, I show how to easily design a pattern using two different sizes of rhinestones. In the figure above, the blue circles are sized for a 3mm stone while the red circles are sized for a4mm stone.  I use the Transform>Outline function  to create several inline paths but NOT to fill the entire letter, as you can see above. I also show how to use color differences to easily select paths and circle for executing the Fit Object to Path and also for determining the number of rhinestones needed for the design.

I want to give credit to Luis, a member of the T-Shirt Forums, for his well-written and interesting tutorial using Corel for rhinestone designing. This was the inspiration for what I did today. Luis actually used a much larger inline size and I also really liked the look of that as well. Below shows a screen shot somewhat like Luis’s final pattern except I believe he uses much larger rhinestones for the interior.

Anyhow, fun stuff! Happy cutting!