Nestabilities: Creating Your Own!

Thanks to Gerti for today’s topic! What a GREAT application for the Metamorphosis tool in KNK Studio.

Here question involved taking a flower shape and trying to create her own set of nested shapes, progressively getting smaller without having the shape become distorted using Transform>Inline. If you’ve ever tried to use that particular function on, say, a heart, you’ll see that quickly you lose the shape:


However, there’s yet another hidden treasure in KNK Studio called Metamorphosis. To use this function, start with your original shape and then make a duplicate. Resize both to create the largest size you’ll need and the smallest size you’ll need. Then select both and use Alt-7 to perfectly center:


Then select both and go to Transform>Metamorphosis. Enter the number of extra hearts you want created between these two sizes, for example, 14:


Click on OK and there you have it! If you want to delete every third one for the look of a Nestability, do so. Personally, I would just keep all of them since you never know what sizes you might want to use:


Finally, thanks to Kelly for asking me about the Match Layers and New Layers option. These are used when you want to have transitioning of the colors, as well as the sizes. With Match Layers, the program will pick existing colors from the Shop Palette to create the transitioning colors. With New Layers, the program will first try to match, but then will create new colors, as needed for the transitioning.

To use, create your two shapes. In this case, I made the inner heart white and the outer heart red. I then made sure that the white heart is on top (select it and use Ctrl-F). Then I did the Transform>Metamorphisis and this is the result, which would be REALLY useful for a Print and Cut.


Play with this… using different colors for the two shapes! You can create some really cool things to print out!  : )