In early March, I taped five segments for a PBS show called Creative Living with Sheryl Borden. The episodes with these segments will air on ~140 stations next fall however we had permission to put the segments on You Tube now. The first segment was over 10 minutes and, thus, needed to be broken into two videos for You Tube.

KNK for Scrapbookers and Card Makers Part 1

KNK for Scrapbookers and Card Makers Part 2

Below are close-up photos of some of the samples I presented during this first segment. Note that you can click on the images to get larger views!

The following beautiful layouts were designed by Susan Mast who owns Master Scrapbook Designs. Susan has been using Klic-N-Kuts in her business for just over two years:

I loved Susan’s use of the tiny brads to enhance both the flourish and the words she cut on her Klic-N-Kut:

Check out the incredible number of layered flowers used on this next layout:

Because we hear from so many scrapbookers interested in using overlays in their scrapbooking, I provided Susan with an overlay file from Diana’s Designs. Susan used this file to create a layout of her brother on vacation in Jamaica:

Susan teaches mini-album classes at Scrapbooks, Etc in Mesa Arizona. Here is one of my favorites which shows her fabulous use of small embellishments designed and cut on the Klic-N-Kut. In the taped segment, I show one of Susan’s “blank” copies. The one below is the actual mini-album I created when I took her class.

This is the other mini-album shown in the segment. I had Susan email me a few photos of her finished copy:

The following two cards were designed and cut by Chris Giannoulas who owns a Klic-N-Kut Maxx and has started a card business in southern California. She creates these intricate designs and then cuts them from fairly stiff, high quality cardstock. They’re just beautiful to hold and view in person.

These two insects were auto-traced from a Close to My Heart stamp set and the tracings expanded using the Outline function in KNK Studio. Next the insects were cut from white cardstock and then stamped with the actual stamps. I have a previous blog post which covers the details: Creating Cutting Files from Your Favorite Stamps

In this card, I used a dingbat font to type out the flower. Then I simply welded that flower to the inside of a rounded rectangle. This literally took a minute or less to design.

Now for some recipe layouts! In this layout, I stenciled the letters so that the interior parts woud stay connected to the outside:

My friend, Brenda Schonig, created this adorable layout. I love the die cut of the monkey.

This comical banana is one of the 4000 .knk files which comes with the purchase of a Klic-N-Kut. I also wanted to show how I had welded the letters in “Flaming” to a rectangle so that I could keep the letters separated for better readability but at the same time, have everything cut as one piece for easier gluing onto the layout:

This is a close-up photo of a print and cut done on the KNK Maxx. The laser light makes the print and cut process relatively fast and definitely very accurate:

Finally, here is the example cut in the show. Note the really cool 3 dimensional look from using the Shadow function in KNK Studio:

As the other segments are uploaded to You Tube, I will be posting the links and more photos here. If you have any questions about the Klic-N-Kut or any of the projects, please feel free to email me at I sell Klic-N-Kuts on commission with the makers: Accugraphic, Sales. Their web site is: Scrapbook Die Cutter. Note that I provide extra support and videos to my own customers, so please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a Klic-N-Kut.