Free Files! Cupcake Wrappers!

I was contacted by a bakery owner in Florida interested in a Klic-N-Kut if she could design and cut her own cupcake wrappers. She sent me to a web site selling some very elaborate designs and I instantly became obsessed with creating a basic file that could then be modified to fit any celebration or any holiday. Once we had a basic scan of a pattern, it was easy to recreate the shape and then simply create words and images to weld to the top, such as this simple Happy Birthday prototype I created:

Then I decided to try a few Christmas designs and they were fun to make as well. Obviously, the possiblities are limitless! Note that you don’t bake the cupcakes with these cutouts… they are meant to be applied after the cupcake is complete with icing and decorations… simply wrap around a cupcake, fold up a tab, insert tab into a cut slit, and reopen the tab.

Here are two links to help you in your own designing. And I promise to not to tell anyone if you prefer to buy the cupcakes from your local grocery store and just cut out your own wrappers to make them look like YOUR OWN CREATIONS! 😛

Link to free zip with KNK files for simple Happy Birthday, Noel, and Basic Pattern for Cupcake Wrapper

*** New *** Cupcake Wrapper Templates for Designing in KNK, MTC, SVG, EPS, PDF, and Studio formats

(Big thanks to Judy Keating for sharing her designs and to Gayle Galura-Scott for converting to .Studio for the Silhouette owners!)

Link to web site selling cupcake wrappers – get some GREAT ideas here!