Today’s post is for Lynn G who requested a method for making a deckle edge. Even though Lynn posted some samples, I’m not sure I created exactly what she wanted. At first I was trying a random, sort of torn edge look to a card. But after cutting it, I decided that tearing would look a hundred times better than what my free-hand squiggle line produced! lol So, I decided to take a more formal technical approach and use some curves to the pattern and upon cutting, I liked the results. Note that in the video, the final result would look like the card below. So I took the pattern, just dragged the corner to make it MUCH smaller and then created a vertical array with several more copies and created the second look… which is much nicer and more in line with what I think Lynn was looking for (which is the card above). So, while I noted that you could do it in the video, I didn’t show that part, but it’s really quite simple. I’m also uploading the final card in .knk format that I cut and the link to it is below, as well.