So, I’m joining the world of blogging and I hope, rather than bore you with mundane details of my life, I will provide a place where you can get great tips on cutters, cutter software, and the actual act of cutting! My goal is to have at least one GREAT tip or new idea per week to entice you to check in on a regular basis to read the latest. I feel I have an encyclopedia of information in my head now… especially for the Klic-N-Kut and Craft Robo cutters.

Today’s tip? Well, this one is credited to Klo Oxford who demonstrated this in her Pazzabilities class. To see if your blade is the right length for the material you are cutting, fold a sheet of cardstock over onto itself and, with the bladeholder in your hand, run it across the top layer, using the same pressure you would with, say, an Xacto knife. If the blade cuts through the cardstock AND cuts or scratches the cardstock beneath, your blade is too long! Back off on the length and try again. You want to cut the top layer but leave no marks on the layer beneath. This is the key to getting GREAT cutting. More blade NEVER equals better cutting. 🙂