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Cutting PLT files from a USB Flash to the 24″ KNK Maxx


Videos related to the program Inkscape

Silhouette Craft Robo Wishblade

Videos related to use of the Silhouette Craft Robo and Wishblade

17 thoughts on “Support Videos

  1. Hi Natalie,

    I don’t have a video for the Maxx Air, but the Australian KNK distributor made one using the Zing and you’ll have to just trust that if the $449 Zing can cut long vinyl, then our $960 15″ MA and $1199 24″ MA can most certainly handle it!

  2. Sandy,
    Do you have a video that shows the KNK Maxx cutting a roll of vinyl? We have a small vinyl home decor business and typically use 12×12 or 12×24 sheets of vinyl that we cut from a 24″ roll. We have a request to do wall words that will be 48″ long (2 rows). We would like to be able to cut it directly from the roll. Is that possible? Any help or suggestions would be wonderful!
    Thank you!!

  3. A few questions: What software are you using? What is your US speed? That’s the one for when the blade is in the up position. Press Menu one time while in the online mode.

  4. I am trying to print and cut multiple butterflies on the same page. The right upper corner and bottom left corner butterflies are aligned and cut out well but all the other butterflies are not aligned with the cuts. I am using rice paper which I’m thinking might be the problem? As it may have a little stretch. I have lowered the speed to 200 on my knk maxx. 2 sets of wheels roll over the paper, paper size is 9.2in x 5.9in. Any suggestions?

  5. I’ll send you some info privately to the email address you used in your post here! We’ll get things working.

  6. Hi Sandy

    I require some assistence with the ACS Eagle ultraforce.

    I can`t seem to get it to communicate with either my desktop (running Windows 7 64bit) or my laptop (running Windows 7 32bit). I can see the device in device manager but with a yellow exclmation sign.

    My eagle only included a printed MTC licence key, no CD with driver software or a dongle.

    I assume the dongle is only applicable with the use of the ACS studio software therefore my assumption is that my ploblem is due to driver not being instelled.

    Can you please assist me with a download for both Windows 7 32bit & 64bit?

    Thank you in advance


  7. I’ll need to send you some screen shots of settings to check. So, please watch for a private email. : )

  8. Good Morning

    I have a Klik N Kut Maxx.

    I’m not sure what have I done, (with the settings) but when I try to cut a 46.27 x 46.27 block, the machine cut a 100 x 70 (mm) block. Even the test cut is is bigger. Can you please help me?

    Thank You

    Maryka Du Plooy

  9. The weld will work on any font that you type out. So, if something isn’t working the way you expect, then select your text and go to Arrange>Text to Graphics and then save the file as KNK and send to me. After making it a graphic, I won’t need to have the same font installed. I’ll figure out why it’s not welding for you. : )

  10. Ok. I will work on trying to do this as soon as the kids go to school!! One more thing. Does the weld feature weld all fonts or just some? I’m trying to weld and I notice it only does it in a few script fonts.

  11. There are a number of different ways to do this. They are covered in Section 3.5 of the User Manual and, I agree… there needs to be a video! : ) I’ll try to get to that soon. In the meantime, if you cannot follow the steps in 3.5, email me privately and I’ll help you. : )

  12. I only need my machine to cut the same names continuously for each project. How can I do this while having the name placed on the cardstock sheet to save the cardstock and maximaze the space? Im sure the repeat function can help me, but I dont see any videos pertaining to this.

  13. Hi,
    I was looking at your videos and your “Default Settings.wmv” seems to be broken. I am only getting audio in VLC and other players show the file broken.

    Thought you’d like to know!

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