Free Files: Cupcake Wrappers in KNK, SVG, AI Format

With graduation just around the corner and a few recent posts by readers here inquiring about the cupcake wrappers, I decided to post new links for downloading these terrific files. All of these particular cupcake wrappers were designed and shared by Judy Keating, a very talented and successful owner of a Klic-N-Kut Maxx. She designs these wrappers in KNK Studio but also has exported the files in both AI and SVG formats. Those of you needing the files in DXF, should be able to use Inkscape (free from to open the SVG’s and then save as DXF for your particular software program.

As with ALL cutting files you buy or download for free, test cut them first from inexpensive cardstock. In particular, with the cupcake wrappers, be sure to check the sizing. You may need to increase or decrease to fit the actual cupcakes you make or buy. Many of these designs are quite intricate, so use a clean sticky mat to keep your paper or cardstock firmly pressed down during cutting.

Also note that there is also a link below to download a template/pattern file so that you can add your own words and images to weld to the same base framse used by Judy in her designs. If you would like to share your own design with all of the other readers here or just a photo of your custom wrapper, please send it to me at .

Judy’s Cupcake Wrappers in KNK Format

Judy’s Cupcake Wrappers in SVG Format

Judy’s Cupcake Wrappers in AI Format

Design your own!

*** New *** Cupcake Wrapper Templates for Designing in KNK, MTC, SVG, EPS, PDF, and Studio formats

(Big thanks to Judy Keating for sharing her designs and to Gayle Galura-Scott for converting to .Studio for the Silhouette owners!)

Thanks, once again, Judy for your generous contribution to the cutting world! : )

63 thoughts on “Free Files: Cupcake Wrappers in KNK, SVG, AI Format

  1. Hmmm… that’s odd… I just tried it and it worked for me. Are you sure you had the shape selected before you tried Object>Ungroup? if you like, save the file right now and email it to me. I’m at

  2. I tried that and ungroup is ghosted out, I tried the ctl.shift g also and nothing is breaking them apart.

  3. Select and go to Object>Ungroup. Click away so that nothing is selected. Now you can select the ones you want to delete or hide or whatever, leaving just the one or ones you want to cut.

  4. What software are you using? There is definitely a way to do it in Make The Cut. I should be able to figure it out if you are using Inkscape or SCAL, as well.

  5. I have downloaded the svg templates and they are wonderful but when I opened the wedding one there are several there and I don’t see how to ungroup them or cut one out from the rest. Is there a way to do that?

    Thank you

  6. Wow… you’re right! That version is missing in the SVG zip… maybe the AI zip, too. I’ll convert the KNK one and send to you by email. Then I’ll get new versions uploaded for those links. Thanks!

  7. I am looking for the graduation cupcake wrapper that is just the caps and diplomia the two files i found arent them. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

  8. Thank you for saving me hours of work trying to make the cupcake wrapper blanks. Now I can get on with the fun part of customizing them. Many, many thanks.

  9. Aloha. First, let me just say mahalo a nui loa for these files. What a lifesaver they are! I used your “Aloha” wrapper at a party and got so many great comments on my cupcakes – honestly I think the raves were more for the wrappers than the cupcakes! LOL I wanted to know if you have the blank design (the ones where you just have the base for the mini and regular size cupcakes that you can add your own design to) in the .ai format?

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