Free Files! Cupcake Wrappers!

I was contacted by a bakery owner in Florida interested in a Klic-N-Kut if she could design and cut her own cupcake wrappers. She sent me to a web site selling some very elaborate designs and I instantly became obsessed with creating a basic file that could then be modified to fit any celebration or any holiday. Once we had a basic scan of a pattern, it was easy to recreate the shape and then simply create words and images to weld to the top, such as this simple Happy Birthday prototype I created:

Then I decided to try a few Christmas designs and they were fun to make as well. Obviously, the possiblities are limitless! Note that you don’t bake the cupcakes with these cutouts… they are meant to be applied after the cupcake is complete with icing and decorations… simply wrap around a cupcake, fold up a tab, insert tab into a cut slit, and reopen the tab.

Here are two links to help you in your own designing. And I promise to not to tell anyone if you prefer to buy the cupcakes from your local grocery store and just cut out your own wrappers to make them look like YOUR OWN CREATIONS! πŸ˜›

Link to free zip with KNK files for simple Happy Birthday, Noel, and Basic Pattern for Cupcake Wrapper

*** New *** Cupcake Wrapper Templates for Designing in KNK, MTC, SVG, EPS, PDF, and Studio formats

(Big thanks to Judy Keating for sharing her designs and to Gayle Galura-Scott for converting to .Studio for the Silhouette owners!)

Link to web site selling cupcake wrappers – get some GREAT ideas here!

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  1. these are beautiful! thanks so much for sharing. any suggestions on where I’d go to learn how to design my own? I have SCAL and am trying to learn Inkscape:\ Just not getting it:( thanks for sharing all your hard work. It’s greatly appreciated!

  2. Sorry… I do not. But there are some great support sites for the Cricut. Have you tried finding someone there who might teach phone classes? Or, just go to You Tube and I’m sure there are some great on-line videos you can watch.

  3. Thank you for sharing these files. I just stumbled upon your website. Just the prefect thing for the grand kids cupcakes.

  4. Hi Julia,

    I live in a large city where we have Michael’s, Joann’s, and also several local scrapbooking stores. That’s where I buy my paper crafting supplies. Even most Wal-Marts carry something. But if you need to shop on the Internet, then try

  5. First let me say you have the patience of a saint. That is what stands out to me even more than your creative designs that you generously share.

    My daughter wants to make cupcakes for her little girlfriends. Ive searched for three days now and cant find cute printed cardstock for the wrappers. Can you help?


  6. Judy Keating has designed 33 different wrappers (actually more as some of the files contain several designs). Anyhow, I am posting them today, April 30, 2010, so check out that post and you can download the zip file you need. Note that the PDF versions can be imported into Inkscape and then saved as SVG files.

  7. Hi Sandy
    I absolutely love all the cupcake wrappers – I would love to purchase them but it would have to be in svg files. I have not attempted Inkscapes yet as I am fairly new to SCAL. If I can purchase the files in svg please contact me – I do have PayPal.

    Cathy Dickman

  8. Thanks for reading my blog.

    I’m not a big supporter of the Cricut or SCAL. My product line is the Klic-N-Kut. With our software you can scan the images in, auto-trace (vectorize) them, then export as a .svg to import into SCAL to cut to a Cricut Expressions. An alternative would be our KNK Groove-E cutter which cuts directly from our software AND comes with our software. It would allow you to do a LOT more in terms of materials you can cut, as well as designing.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


  9. Hello, I’m a serious artist, both fused glass and 2-D. I need directions to take my original designs & scan them into the scal software to cut on the cricut expression machine I would like to order. I need to know this is possible, which is the only reason I am considering buying this machine.
    I have a Dell w/xp, photoshop elements 7, Kodak software.
    I don’t think you have gotten questions pertaining to Kiln fused glass art with this machine etc.
    Thanx much, Barb Naas

  10. Thank you so much – how very clever you are! and very kind, many thanks, will now try to put to good use x

  11. I need to convert knk files into svg files i have a cricut and they will not cut..unless they are converted can you help me PLEASE.

  12. Hi Sandy. These really are amazing. I have a Silhouette and therefore need them in GSD. is there a way to convert them?

  13. Can the cupcake wrappers be cut on a 6 x 12 mat, since i don’t have the cricut expression.
    Thanks They are beautiful by the way.

  14. HELP!! I have it in inkscape…now what??? How do I personalize it and add her name???

  15. I am VERY new to svg’s and scut’s. I am attmpting to make some wrappers for my daughter…Once I get the blank template in inkscape…how do I add her name to it???

  16. omg these are AMAZING. i have never seen anything like it. i LOVE making cupcakes and these are the perfect way to make them cuter. thank you so much for all your hard work on these. you are very talented and beyond helpful!

  17. could I buy a different digital die cutting machine and still be able to make these??

  18. Yes… these cupcake wrappers are designed to be cut out on a digital die cutting machine, such as the Klic-N-Kut. The software that comes with the Klic-N-Kut also allows you to create some amazingly detailed wrappers and these are proving to be very popular amongst our customers. : )

  19. Hi I would like to know how I can make these wrappers do I need the by the cutting machine first??

  20. I am SO glad you posted! I had tested the in Inkscape and they opened fine, but I didn’t check SCAL. I need to break that path and now they’re importing correctly into SCAL and I replaced the file on my server so you can download them again.

    They are still small, but you can resize them by dragging a corner. I have a .txt file in that zip that provides the dimensions of each one, depending on whether you want them for mini-cupcakes or regular size.

  21. OK, got to actually opening the SVG versions in SCAL and not only are they opening very small, but only the last Y and the base is showing up on the Happy Birthday one, and part of a snowflake (I think) on the Noel. What am I doing wrong? Thanks again!

  22. Another question…Have mine designed, ready to cut. Not sure what kind of paper to use. Any suggestions?

  23. I’m sorry… I don’t. But you can open the .svg versions in Inkscape, simplify the nodes, then save as .dxf to import into RoboMaster.

  24. Thanks!!!! Sorry to be a pain! My DD’s B-day party is in a few weeks. We’ve decided on cupcakes since the party will be at a play place, thus won’t need a knife. Some custom wrappers would be PERFECT!!!

  25. You’re right! The svg files did open up to a different size. So I went back and fixed that. Interestingly, I can copy/paste them directly from KNK Studio into Inkscape and they’re fine. So I redid the .svg ones and added a .txt file that shows what the correct sizes should be, just in case you want to verify.

    Note that you can’t rotate the images or the sizing will also change, thus my numbers are based on how the images are positioned when you open the file.

    Anyhow, you should be all set now! : )

  26. Ok – my next question is…what size should these be for a standard cupcake? Any idea? When I open the SVG the size is small, therefore obviously did not retain it’s original size.

  27. I replaced the file you download above with a zip containing the .svg versions as well. Enjoy! Oh… and for anyone who needed the .ai versions I discovered that the one called Happy Birthday was just another of the Christmas ones. So, I got that fixed, as well.

  28. This is GREAT! I have never seen anything like this before. I need a GSD file…any chance you can convert? Inkscape will not open/import an .ai file. If you can save as/export as DXF or SVG, that would be SUPER!!! Love this!

  29. You should be able to import the file into Inkscape and convert it to svg. Then import it into SureCutsALot (SCAL) and then you can cut it with Cricut.
    Not familiar with what pazzles needs to cut.

  30. For the Pazzles, you should be able to import the .ai version of the file into your software. But the .ai will not work for the Cricut.

  31. Karen,

    I just added the .ai versions to the file. Try downloading it now.


    Glad you like them. It’s a fun idea with lots of possibilities. πŸ™‚

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