Thanks Guys! Part 3: You CAN edit inside Group Viewer

In the final part of this three part series in which I’ve been contacted by “guys out there”, I now thank Paul C for notifying me that you CAN edit vector images from within the Group Viewer. I had specifically said that in order to view the nodes of any particular vector image, you must first ungroup the object from other objects. Uh… wrong! I messed up! 😛

So, I admitted to Paul that he was DEFINITELY correct and I went further and checked out some of the other things you can do when your objects are grouped. Watch this video and note that this may help those of you who import a lot of pdf catalogs from Internet. We often find the images in those pdf files to be grouped and not able to be ungrouped (for whatever reason). But we can use the Group Viewer to identify what’s a vector and what’s a raster, as well as locate raster images to auto-trace from within the viewer. This will all make more sense after you see the video:

Group Viewer Video