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Digital Die Cutting: More fun than anyone should have with a piece of paper... or vinyl, cardstock, plastic, fabric, HTV, foil, wood veneer, magnetic sheets, reflective film, balsa, and more!

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This web site provides support, comparisons, videos, drivers, test settings, and other information related to the StarCraft SOLO, Skycut and Klic-N-Kut digital die cutters, as well as various cutter software programs.

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June 2024

Papers and Pixels

Need some inspiration? Want to expand your knowledge of Make The Cut or Sure Cuts A Lot? Need help with print and cuts and other cutter operations? Then a KNK Retreat could be JUST the thing you need! The KNK retreats typically start on a Friday afternoon and end on Sunday, early afternoon. The weekend is filled with classes on both cutting and software, as well as demos, make-and-takes, and open workshop time. There have been thirteen held so far at various locations and the repeat attendance indicates that it is fun and fulfilling!

The next retreat will be held in Edmonton, Alberta on May 26 – 28th, 2017. Details here: Wild Rose Retreat.

Here’s some of the feedback from past retreat attendees!


Candace W (Orlando Retreat January 2015)

You will not regret it. I had barely used my machine, for about a year it just sat there. After the Orlando retreat things have changed. Now I am using it at least weekly because now that I know how to use it properly it is way more fun!


Pat F (Orlando Retreat January 2015)

What a great time and learning experience. Michele is a very good teacher and also knows her “stuff” . If you have a chance to attend a retreat do not hesitate to go. Hope to attend more retreats in the future.


Terry S (Orlando Retreat January 2015)

I have to say if you ever have a chance to go to a KNK Retreat … GO!!!!!!!!!! Don’t walk but RUN and sign up as soon as you see one advertised. The wealth of knowledge that was shared at the retreat in Orlando was second to none! Michele did an excellent job of teaching and letting us learn our machines. Chad came along for the ride on Saturday and spent a good portion of the day with us. I have to say that I had an expensive paper weight before the weekend but not any more! Between Michele and Chad, I am rocking this cutting thing now! Thanks so much for bringing the retreat to FL…we may have been a small group but we were mighty in our enthusiasm for learning all we could about our machines. Can’t wait to get onto the next part of my Zing adventure. Who knows, I may become a Michele groupy and just follow her all over the country! 🙂


Judy T (St. Louis Retreat June 2014)

Thank you, Sandy. It was a wonderful experience & today I actually made a sign! Many little glitches, which I successfully problem-solved & so that’s success.


Kathy S (St. Louis Retreat June 2014)

Can’t wait to start using my cutter 🙂

When I got home this evening, the first thing that I did once I ‘settled in’ was to go thru the box of all of the things that came with my maxx when I bought it. I didn’t even know what some of those items were but I sure know now.

I learned so much. You are a WONDERFUL teacher, Sandy.


Kathy S (St. Louis Retreat June 2014)

I have watched quite a few videos over the 1-1/2 years since I got my machine back in 2012, but before attending the KNK retreat this month with you and Michele, I did not fully comprehend what I was watching.

Now I have a good, basic understanding and I understand what is being demo’d/discussed in the videos which makes a WORLD of difference lol.

Don’t mean to gush, but you and Michele have just made me so dang happy and confident and excited about using my machine.

Meena S (Phoenix Retreat August 2013)

The retreat was an awesome learning experience, and we were supplied with LOTS of different materials to cut, generous prizes and treats, too.

Sandy and all our teachers totally inspired us and I am so grateful to them for sharing their wealth of knowledge and arranging this weekend. WOW!!!!!


Ouizee aka Joan S. (St. Louis Retreat May 2009)

Ok, a couple years late, but, just have to say it. I thoroughly enjoyed the STL retreat in 2009. True, I didn’t get to do as much as I’d have liked to, thanks to having knocked my laptop off onto the floor and breaking the kb. Thanks to a wonderful, generous and kind lady from STL, I was able to continue using the laptop by using her external kb.

Even though I didn’t get to do everything that time, I did learn quite a bit. Mostly though, I was so glad to have atended, because I met so many nice ppl, and reconnected with so many I had already met on the Bahama’s cruise before the STL retreat.

Sandy is an excellent teacher, and so patient, too. I was ready to tear my hair out when my laptop started messing up, and I think she was too, as neither of us could get anything to type to speak of. This was before we were aware the kb was broken. If I had been the instructor, I’d probably have been grumbling under my breath LOL (ain’t Iris with a Little bit of Native American, and a LOT of German in me for nuttin ya nose).

Anyway, am looking forward to the Denver retreat in Sept. Have my tickets and getting excited. I’d be happy to go to that just for the fellowship with everyone, even if it were not a retreat.


Sandy H (Columbus Retreat June 2011)

Recently I had the privilege of attending a SECOND retreat taught by Sandy McCauley! Now, you may be wondering why I went to a second one, right? I learned so much at the first retreat, I decided that a second one would increase my knowledge! And, was I ever right about that! I know so much more and am less afraid to try make new designs. More importantly, I am cutting, cutting, cutting! If you are looking to increase your base knowledge or looking to take creating files to the next level, you cannot go wrong with one of Sandy’s retreats! Maybe we will meet at one because now I’m on the look out for another in the Midwest!!!


Caryn B (Columbus Retreat June 2011)

I commend you for being such a great teacher and so fun and open to people.


Debbie M (Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

I hoped to write this sooner, but I’ve been too busy cutting, cutting, cutting. My head is full of ideas of things I want to try with my KNK and I have been having so much fun making designs and cutting them. This retreat was amazing, with way too much knowledge given for my brain to catch, but Sandy took care of that by giving us videos of each class to bring home! (GREAT idea, Barbie!) I’ve already watched several of them, and some more than once (ok, so I’m slow). We got to play with lots of different materials which greatly expanded my horizons, and got samples of many of them to bring home! Thank you Julie, Chad and Accugraphics, and Sandy and everyone else who provided the take-home goodies!

Sandy, you are such a gifted teacher. I learned so much, and the notebook and class files are invaluable. You are amazing! Julie, you found a great place for us to meet. Nice, clean, comfortable (and when you’re in a place from 9am until they pry you out and lock the doors at 11:30pm, comfort is valuable!). Barbie, the work you did before and after the retreat made the it memorable. From the food (mmmmm!) to the pictures and seating charts, everything was top notch. Thank you all for your hard work that made this retreat an awesome experience.

I told Sandy that she has the nicest customers. It was a joy to get to know the people there. I don’t know if all KNK people are so cheerful and so much fun, but those at the retreat sure were. The whole thing was delightful. I can’t wait to do another one!


Omayra D (Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

The Retreat with Sandy was a great experience. She is so amazing and the way how she teach the lessons is simple and easy to follow. The retreat was worth every penny that was paid for. I highly recommend to take any retreat due that it is not just an amazing experience but you really learn how to use and love more your KNK. What Sandy says about “I will teach you to love your KNK” it is correct. You will love your KNK.

Thanks to Sandy, Chad, Barbie and Julie for the great job. YOU REALLY DID IT!!!


Janice T (Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

I want to say a huge Thank You, to Sandy, Barbie, Chad (Accugraphics) and everyone else involved in the planning of the Tampa KNK retreat. I apologize if I have not included someone by name. The hotel was great. The food was excellent. The KNK instruction, however, was priceless. The time simply flew by and I was so disappointed when we had to pack up and leave.


Beth R (Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

What a great time we had at the Tampa Retreat. Sandy taught the WHOLE time. She filled us with great information. We laughed and had such fun. I was most inspired by samples of the various materials that she had on the display table. Our machines cut beautiful pieces out of everything from micro thin Dura Lar to
chipboard. Imagine the possibilities! I would attend another retreat in a heartbeat. Not only was Sandy informative, but everyone there was helpful and shared stories and tips. Everyone encouraged us who have not used our machines much to get in there and just do it. I often heard “If I can do it, you can”. And now I think I can.

Barbie and Julie worked hard to get us great accommodations and make us comfortable. Our rooms were very nice, and our workroom was large and suited for our needs. This retreat was worth every penny I paid for it. If you want to learn how to use your KNK and the software, or just see new possibilities, I encourage you to attend a retreat if you can.


Rhonda C (Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

Friendships and freebies and FUN … oh my! Wow! I really can’t find the words to tell you how much I enjoyed the Tampa Retreat. If you’ve ever watched one of Sandy’s videos, you know that she talks rather fast. And she talked that fast continually from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning in order to impart every shred of information to us that she possibly could. She even did a fantastic job of keeping a room full of excited, chattering women (and one man – my husband!) on schedule!

If you EVER get a chance to attend one of these retreats, DO IT! I promise you will not feel awkward or uncomfortable and you will learn SO much. (My husband was the only man there and all the ladies made
him feel right at home. Barbie even made him manly name tags and such instead of the cutesy things she did for the ladies. He came away with new ideas for using our KNK with his woodworking!). Sandy is a wonderful teacher and she’s eager to share everything she thinks will make cutting a happy experience for you. My head is now stuffed full of new ideas shared not only by Sandy, but by all the new friends I made there, and I can’t wait to start utilizing my cutter more fully.


From Julie A (Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

I am so amazed at how much I learned in a KNK retreat. I went to the Tampa Retreat and I thought I knew the majority about designing images for my papercrafting business. I was not interested in much else and I learned so much more. I think I only knew about 5% of what she taught this weekend. The machine can do amazing things. I will definitely go again!!!


From Kay H (Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

LOVED LOVED LOVED the retreat in Tampa! Thanks to Sandy, Chad, Barbie, and Julie for a great event!!!


From Johanna H (St. Louis Retreat, May 2009)

As a former retreat attendee I would say to any future hesitant attendees to “Run…Don’t Walk to the nearest Sandy KNK Retreat” I was also dragging my feet about attending a retreat. In the words of Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”….that would have been a Big Mistake….BIG….HUGE! Looking back I can’t believe that I wasn’t running very, very fast to get there. My skill level when attending the retreat was very limited but satisfactory for my needs. I was using it as a vendor for Name and Monogram Vinyl Cutting for the Monogram Store where I work. But I did have questions and a lack of knowledge about many aspects of the software. I learned so much at that retreat and my questions were answered. I gained the confidence to explore the software and not be afraid of it. I gleaned many tips,shortcuts and skills. I improved my speed for completing tasks and I have taken my business to another level by adding many designs that I wouldn’t have known how to use if it hadn’t been for the retreat. It really doesn’t matter what level you are or what level others are at the retreat. You will take away from it what you need at your level of skill. Sandy will make sure of that. She is amazingly dedicated to making sure that KNK owners are up and running on their machines. So don’t let your KNK sit in the box and stare at it for 3 months like I did….get it out and get going. I love designing and cutting….it’s not work to me ….it’s Fun!


From Susan M (Scottsdale Retreat, Feb 2010 & San Diego Retreat, Oct 2010)

I have taken several informative phone classes and attended two of Sandy’s amazing retreats! I design for a major cardstock company and teach paper crafting classes. The KNK is crucial for my business needs and Sandy has helped me master this wonderful tool. Sandy’s is a true leader and inspiration in the cutting industry. Her knowledge and dedication is unmatched! Trust me when I recommend investing some time with Sandy…it’s worth every penny!


From Chad M (San Diego Retreat, Oct 2010)

Always happy to help and truly loves to teach the KnK. You will not find anyone more enthusiastic about teaching. She loves what she does and it shows. Thank you Sandy for all the cool tools and tricks you have shared.


From Jan L (Scottsdale Retreat, Feb 2010)

Sandy’s retreat is mind boggling fun at it’s best! You meet great people, learn so much and have fun at the same time.
I would love to attend one every year just to stay in tune with all the new things she shares!


From Millie S (St. Louis Retreat, May 2009)

What I gained from attending a retreat was a huge boost of confidence and answers to a lot of my questions. As someone who learns by seeing and doing…the retreat was a huge blessing. We watched and listened to the lessons and then we actually did the projects that were based on the teaching session, with help from Sandy and each other as we needed it. It was a great time to share ideas, not only on how to use the cutters but also with new ideas. At our retreat, another attendee and myself came up with a way to use chipboard for embossing words onto our cardstock. Everyone was so impressed with us. LOL. The other plus from attending a retreat was meeting a great group of ladies who are interested in the same things I am. We had such a good time, learning, sharing, and getting to know one another.

It’s really hard to try to explain how great the retreats are. I was so nervous the first time. I was worried that I would spend a lot of money and not have anything to show for it. It was worth every penny. I can hardly wait to go to one of the retreats this year.


From Lynn C (Scottsdale Retreat, Feb 2010)

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic learning experience the AZ KNK retreat was for me.
At the time I didn’t have a KNK machine just the wonderful KNK GE software and a Silhouette. I am
amazed at how much I learned while at the retreat. Not only did I make a bunch of new friends, but I also
learned how to make pop-up cards, how to use rhinestones in a pattern and settings for making patterns, and also how to make patterns and use them to etch glass. These were just the highlights. What I loved the most was the willingness of Sandy to share a ton of files with us. Along with that, she gave us a notebook with all the topics covered and the steps used to make the things she went over in class. There were tons of prizes to be won and lots of sharing among classmates. Once I got home, I could replicate what we did in class because of her step-by-step tutorials.

If I ever have a problem, I know Sandy is either a phone call or email away. Her customer service cannot be beaten. She loves what she does and willingly shares what she knows with us.

Although I was wondering how worthwhile this retreat would be without a KNK machine, I discovered I didn’t
need the machine to be able to learn how to make all these wonderful things. The KNK GE software and our wonderful teacher, Sandy, worked magic for me. After this retreat I did buy a KNK Groove-E because I wanted a 13” machine. I have not regretted it.

Sometimes we let the cost of an intensive retreat such as this scare us away. I believe I got back every penny I spent with all the free things I got plus the files and notebook. It was well worth the money. I can use my software so much better now and realize how much more it can do. I will attend another retreat when there is another one in our area. I can always learn something new.

From Kitty F (Scottsdale Retreat, Feb 2010 & San Diego Retreat, Oct 2010)

I have been lucky enough to attend two of Sandy’s retreats and plan on going to as many more as I can. The first retreat was when I was pretty new at the softwear so I was totally overwhelmed when the retreat started. On the first night I was ready to drive home thinking I could NEVER learn all the information Sandy was teaching, but I was wrong! Sandy is an excellent teacher and so very patient. Her classes and lesson plans work extremely well at all levels and by the middle of the second day you could hear me shouting out “I did it!” across the room. By the end of the retreat I knew this was something I really wanted to learn and I loved my KNK. The biggest lesson I learned at the first retreat is to keep trying and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. The undo feature is fantastic on the KNK! When I got home I went right to work on all the material that Sandy had so wonderfully supplied to reinforce the lessons she taught at the retreat. The videos and written lessons were perfect. Along with emails to Sandy, which she quickly and graciously answered, I was well on my way to designing my own files.

I then attended the very next retreat that Sandy had. I was honestly concerned that I wouldn’t learn as much or I would be underwhelmed by the information Sandy would present. Boy was I wrong! I learned at least as much at the second retreat. All the material was new, except for a review of certain features, but that came in handy too. This time I was able to cement much of the information to memory. The new information was amazing and I had a GREAT time learning much of that. Again, I went home to review the videos and written material that Sandy gives you to take home. It was a wonderful experience.

I am now a designer for Visual Designs By Chris and I love my job! I have even learned how to etch glass from the two presentations at the retreats. I can’t wait to attend the next retreat near the West Coast! You will be missing the opportunity of a life time if you miss Sandy’s excellent retreat experience!!!


From Elsie H (Raleigh Retreat, Oct 2009)

I attended a retreat in Raleigh in 2009. I would categorize myself as an average cutter of paper and vinyl with average computer skills. I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t taking my 24 inch Maxx and I didn’t own a laptop. I was amazed at all the things I learned just watching and taking notes. Sandy did excellent demonstrations (showing everything she was doing on her computer projected up on a large screen). While those of us who didn’t have cutters were paired up with people who did (and who were nice enough to share their machines), I actually think I had an advantage by NOT having my computer and cutter there. I was able to concentrate solely on what Sandy was doing and take notes. I learned a lot…from some basic stuff that I should have understood better to much more elaborate techniques. There was a lot of helpful information/shortcuts about using the software. There were a variety of topics addressed (cutting paper, vinyl, using rhinestones, making stencils). I enjoyed the casual atmosphere as well as meeting people I had talked with on the message boards. We had a variety of skill levels represented and everyone was great at helping each other. The absolute best thing about the retreat was having Sandy (and others) there so I could ask questions and get help one-on-one. I would love to attend another retreat!

From Dave and Linda C (Raleigh Retreat, Oct 2009)

Linda and I truly enjoyed everything about the retreat in Raleigh Durham Oct 09. Linda and I were struggling to use our KNK and I was starting to question the investment. But the retreat showed us we weren’t so far off, we just needed to tweak our method a little and use the thing. We learned tricks we hadn’t thought of trying, with hours of hands-on during the retreat. We learned tons from your classes. And the others in the class had different machines and completely different levels of experience. We came away with ideas and a car full of goodies for all types of crafts. Meeting and learning from everybody was tons of fun, and we had a couple local activities – I really enjoyed the wine tasting. I’m thinking we’ll be doing it again.

From Shirley W (Raleigh Retreat, Oct 2009)

It was such a pleasure to be a part of Sandy’s NC retreat. Everyone was friendly and all were eager to be of help to each other. The relaxed atmosphere took away some of the apprehension about being able to learn or “keep up”. The group was truly all levels of experience, but the one thing in common was a combined love of creating, willingness to share, and desire to learn more and more about our cutters. One of the biggest benefits was the after time: seeing names of people we met as they shared on our Yahoo groups, having files and videos to review when we “can’t quite” remember something Sandy taught, and the greatest of all was getting to know Sandy better and realizing she really means it when she says we are her customers for life! If another retreat comes my way, I hope to be able to attend again.


From Nancy K (Raleigh Retreat, Oct 2009)

When I attended a retreat by Sandy I had my KNK for several years. I was a bit intimidated thinking everyone would know more than me. Some people seemed like pro’s, others were very much beginners. But it didn’t make a difference because I think we all learned about the same amount, just at our own pace. There were several “workshops” put on by other KNK owners attending the retreat that were hands on, fun, easy, and you walked away with a finished project. One was on etching. It gave us the opportunity to try something with out making an investment in materials and to see it done in person. Another big bonus was that everything we were taught was also given to us in a file so that we could review it over and over again once we got home.
I also worried about everyone attending having a friend there and I was going solo. I had a fellow retreat member meet me at my layover airport which was great because I don’t fly often. She made sure I made it on the right flight and shuttle to the hotel. My roommate was a member of our Yahoo group, my only complaint was that she kept me up half the night laughing.I am hoping to attend my second retreat this year.


From Deb M (San Diego Retreat, Oct 2010)

I went to the KNK San Diego retreat and I was a bit hesitant to sign up for it at first. I consider myself pretty experienced with the software and the machine and I wondered if I would really get anything out of it. Despite my hesitations I signed up and am so glad I did. I learned things about the software that I had never done and I was able to improve on some of my weaker areas with it as well. The classes were just the right pace: no one was at the same level (ranging beginner-just-got-the-machine to expert) but the teaching followed the I do-we do-you do format (in the educational world we call it to-with-by) so that you watched, then the skill was repeated at a slower pace so you could follow along, and then you had opportunities to work independently. On top of that, you receive a manual outlining the steps in each class. If you wanted to work ahead, you could, but you also had the information to refer to right in front of you. If you got stuck, you had a neighbor to ask, or you might be the one who has the answers. To top it off, the meals were delicious, the company was fun, and I really enjoyed myself. You receive some product, have an opportunity to win prizes (I won a $50 certificate to accugraphics, which I still need to use 😉 and you really walk away with better knowledge of the machine and the software. On a final note, I find myself referring to the manual from the retreat often. For example, I had to reinstall the software and I lost all my shortcuts. I knew exactly what page to refer to and had them all set up again in 10 minutes. I also refer to it when I am scanning/tracing difficult images. I am getting much better scans than I used to.


From Kylee S (St. Louis Retreat, March 2009 and Raleigh Retreat, Oct 2009)

What gem you are! Your seminars bring everything together for me. The encouraging e-mails you send, to watching the videos you graciously supply, to the patience you show me in person. Oh, i bow down to you Oh KNK QUEEN! (sorry – had to add that)

Driving alone – didn’t phase me. Meeting the other KNK users – that didn’t phase me either. Facing you, at first, intimidated me!! But you showed such an immeasurable patience! Makes me wonder how many different ways you’ve heard the same questions over and over again!

Thank you for all you’ve done for my confidence level! I feel quite honored to know you, and call you friend!


From Chriss W (Raleigh Retreat, Oct 2009)

I attended one of Sandy’s KNK retreats in October, 2009 in Raleigh,NC. At the time I had been using my KNK for about 10 months and I think I was pretty familiar with how to use it. I like working on the computer and enjoyed learning things about the software. I attended the retreat to get more comfortable and to learn more. I was not disappointed, from the moment I got there I knew I had made the right decision. The atmosphere was friendly and enjoyable but most of all enlightening. I learned many new things while at the retreat. The challenges we were encouraged to complete made the learning very concrete. There was lots of assistance from Sandy and other attendees at the conference. When I returned home, and actually to this day, I find myself using things I learned at the retreat. One of my all time favorites was a method for tracing designs. I had tried with some success to do this before, but having Sandy demonstrate the method was invaluable. I will now attempt with good results almost anything I want to trace. I think my husband got tired of my saying I learned this or that at the retreat. One of the good parts of this retreat is that Sandy is always looking for new ways to accomplish things with the KNK software, her eagerness and enthusiasm is contagious. The more you know the more you want to know. I will definitely attend another conference in the future. I know there is a lot more to learn. Thanks, Sandy.


From Lynn K (Scottsdale Retreat, Feb 2010 & San Diego Retreat, Oct 2010 & Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

I come to the KNK from the sewing world. In the sewing venue, I have attended many, many 3-day retreats, but I have never attended one that compares to the KNK retreats given by Sandy. She teaches with absolute clarity and meets the needs of every skill level of those in attendance. Her handouts are superb, not only helping you in class, but are a step-by-step answer to repeating the process when you return home. At my first KNK retreat I was a newbie in every sense of the word. I came away with a confidence that I could do it and was energized to reach for new skills, knowing that Sandy’s help was only an email or phone call away. My second retreat was a wonderful reinforcement of the skills I had begun to acquire and expanded my horizons even more. I can’t say enough about what those attending the retreats bring. At the top of the list is sharing how they have been using their KNK and being willing to share with others attending. I’ve signed up for my third retreat (Tampa) to further hone my skills, but also to be that person sitting next to someone that maybe could use my help and enthusiasm for the KNK.

From Jenn D (Scottsdale Retreat, Feb 2010)

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had while attending the KNK retreat. I was a new KNK user and your retreat was extremely informative and allowed me to learn new things making my investment in the KNK worth every penny. I now feel like I am in control of my cutter because of the knowledge I obtained through your classes. The teaching was easy to understand and allowed me time to try all the techniques, resulting in amazing cutting. Thank you again for the know-how, inspiration, fun and laughter your retreat gave to me.

From Kelly D (St. Louis Retreat, May 2009)

First off, I want to say I wish I could go to EVERY retreat. I LOVE them, and I learned SOOOO much. It was GREAT to meet all my online friends, and share tips and tricks face to face. I felt a little intimidated to use my cutter on a day to day basis, but being there seeing the lessons first hand, made it so much easier to understand. I am a very visual person, and being able to ask questions right away when I was confused, was so awesome!!! The challenges sent me a little outside my comfort zone, but taught me so much in the process. I really think the absolute best part was being able to work on the classes as they were being taught, and doing all the wonderful things right there, so that I felt comfortable enough to go home and design more on my own. Now when I see something I like, and I can make it myself. I do not have to buy any more designs.

From Jill B (St. Louis Retreat, May 2009)

I attended a retreat led by Sandy in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2009. I was a fairly new KnK owner and had had some success using my machine but I wasn’t sure if the results I was getting were the best possible. I had watched Sandy’s videos and read the manual, followed the mail lists, etc. but I still felt like I wanted to watch someone using the machine to make sure that I was using mine correctly and that I wasn’t missing some important steps in the process.

The classes were very informal and playful and fun and Sandy encouraged lots of experimentation.

The real benefit for me was the fact that many people at the retreat brought their KnK machines, set them up and let everyone use them throughout the weekend. Being able to ask questions about all the different variables that go into using the machine (the right knife to use, correct knife depth, pressure, speed, etc.) and then to immediately see the effects of these choices was invaluable to me. I walked away with a lot of added confidence about using my KnK and when I returned home I was able to use my new skills right away.

I didn’t expect to meet so many great people and to learn so many tips and tricks from seasoned KnK veterans. There were also tons of free goodies and giveaways. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend and I hope to be able to attend another retreat soon.

From Barbie C (St. Louis Retreat, May 2009 & Raleigh Retreat, Oct 2009, & Scottsdale Retreat, Feb 2010 & Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

I have been fortunate to attend all of Sandy’s KNK retreats but one. When I got home, I was able to review all the things Sandy taught us. When I need to remember the “How to”, I can look it up in the notes or in the videos Sandy freely shares at the retreats. The price of a retreat is worth all the materials she sends you home with! And all my new friends are an added bonus to a wonderful get away. Oh the fun we had!

From Cece L (KNK Cutter Cruise, March 2008 & Raleigh Retreat, October 2009 & Tampa Retreat, March 2011)

I have had a KNK for many years and have been on several KNK retreats dating back to a cruise a bunch of us went on several years ago. I LOVE THE KNK RETREATS AND I LOVE THE PEOPLE I SHARE THIS LOVE WITH ONLINE AND IN PERSON!! I always learn something new. Sandy is an AWESOME teacher!! If not for Sandy’s videos and retreats I would not be using a cutter today. Her patience and calm mannerism when teaching is something to be desired. I LOVE all of the projects at her retreats. She shows us on a screen, demonstrates how, and then has us complete a project using what she has just taught us. That is how I learn best. Some of us get in the habit (ME!!!) of doing the same things over and over and do not learn how to use our machines for other things. Some say, “I just got it for this one thing.” and sit back not utilizing their machine to it’s fullest capacity. Believe me, after one of these retreats you will be so fired up and excited about the new things you learned that you will go home wanting to show everybody you see what your machine will do. There is only one drawback to going on a KNK retreat (Sandy, please forgive me for saying this!). You will want to go to all of them. You don’t just learn your machine, you have so much fun!!


From Lisa B (San Diego Retreat, Oct 2010)

I wanted to email and let you know how much I apprieciated the retreat you put on in San Diego. I learned SO much from you and everyone else there. I have had my KNK for 2 years, but there were things I did not know about the software. The friendships I made at the retreat will be with me for along time! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us!!


From Elizabeth K (San Diego Retreat, Oct 2010)

Why take a Digital Cutter Class? Why take one from Sandy McCauley?

Let me be blunt here – Sandy McCauley is just flat out amazing.

And she wants to make you amazing, too.

Think you know everything about digital cutters, and you have been using yours for ages? Nope, you don’t. And Sandy will show you how to make yours jump through hoops you didn’t know exist.

Think you don’t know anything about that expensive toy you just got, and have to justify why you bought it so it doesn’t collect dust? Sandy will gently lead you to so many possibilities and give you confidence to do them that your head will hurt. The kind of hurt you’ll love to have. You’ll just wish you had more hours in the day to play and create.

Think your digital cutter is just for cutting paper? Whoops, excuse me but Sandy will show you how to use it for everything but that.

OK, Sandy can show you all the glitz and glamour of what your cutter can do. What good is that if YOU can’t do them with your cutter? Well, that’s the big difference with taking a class with Sandy. She gets you doing it. Right there, individual attention. You feel confident. You leave knowing you can do it. BUT!!! She gives you backup and tons of support so that you can still do it months later after you’ve come back from class.

I can’t stress this enough. No one, probably not even your significant other, is going to give you as much support as Sandy does. How she does it, I don’t know. Perhaps the woman doesn’t sleep. But she is smart, she is kind, she is amazingly supportive. And she is going to get you and your cutter to your fullest potential.

Take her class. Its going to be the best money you ever spent to support your habit.



  1. Sandy McCauley

    See the last comment I made below! You need to contact Michele to get on her mailing list. Meanwhile… I urge you to get help now. There are many resources and I can direct you if I understand specific issues you’re having.

  2. Laura Pearson

    I would be interested in attending a retreat for the KNK Force. Could you please include me on your mailing list and let me know when the next retreat is? I’m so frustrated, I cannot figure it out on my own.
    Thank you,

  3. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Michelle,

    To make sure you’re on the list to get info about retreats, please send an email to Michele Harvey at

    She took over the KNK retreats a few years ago. I host her announcements here because I have a lot of readers.

    Also, let’s get you started using your amazing Maxx Air NOW! Have you gone through the first two chapters of the user manual and watch the videos? If so, then let me know what issues you’re having and we’ll get you on the road to success now versus at some point in the future.

  4. Michelle

    I would love to attend a retreat. I have a knk maxx air and can’t figure out how to use it on my own. Can you give me a general idea of information about your next retreat. As I am not a US citizen and need a visa I would need to start planning early.

  5. Sandy McCauley

    Sorry for the delay! I’ve been out of town.

    Right now, the St. Louis Retreat in June is the only one planned. We have someone in Houston who might plan one for the fall or for next year. Same for someone in Florida, which might work better for you. But no firm dates are set. Michele Harvey, who is not the one primarily in charge (since I’m mostly retired) also works full time and has to organize these as she has spare time. The retreats are, however, terrific opportunities to advance your knowledge and confidence level.

    We still have openings for the St. Louis one if that would work! If not, then I’m happy to add you to the mailing list and you’ll receive notice when we have future ones scheduled.

  6. Michelle

    I would love to attend a retreat. I have just bought my zing and am a beginner. Can you tell me information about your next retreat or if you are going to have one in Atlanta?
    Thank you!

  7. Luv2CUSmile

    Thx so much! I do hope to see one coming. With the Zing introduction this past year and now the wireless Maxx it could really boost sales*hint, hint*
    I know many other sources for marketing but I would definitely be interested! Thx again!

  8. Sandy McCauley

    Since expanding my responsibilities with KNK USA, I no longer have the time to do retreats. 🙁 Hopefully someday, we’ll be able to sponsor them again. Raleigh could definitely be one of our planned locations because the retreat organizer there, Barbie Creech, is a pro at setting them up! 🙂

  9. Luv2CUSmile

    I see that in 2009 you had a retreat in Raleigh, NC! OMG! That is my neck of the woods (literally) lol.
    Will you be somewhere close to our east coast again soon? I don’t know why I hadn’t heard of knk 3 yrs ago but I am glad to have found it now.

  10. ouizee

    Ok, a couple years late, but, just have to say it. I thoroughly enjoyed the STL retreat in 2009. True, I didn’t get to do as much as I’d have liked to, thanks to having knocked my laptop off onto the floor and breaking the kb. Thanks to a wonderful, generous and kind lady from STL, I was able to continue using the laptop by using her external kb.

    Even though I didn’t get to do everything that time, I did learn quite a bit. Mostly though, I was so glad to have atended, because I met so many nice ppl, and reconnected with so many I had already met on the Bahama’s cruise before the STL retreat.

    Sandy is an excellent teacher, and so patient, too. I was ready to tear my hair out when my laptop started messing up, and I think she was too, as neither of us could get anything to type to speak of. This was before we were aware the kb was broken. If I had been the instructor, I’d probably have been grumbling under my breath LOL (ain’t Iris with a Little bit of Native American, and a LOT of German in me for nuttin ya nose).

    Anyway, am looking forward to the Denver retreat in Sept. Have my tickets and getting excited. I’d be happy to go to that just for the fellowship with everyone, even if it were not a retreat 🙂
    ouizee aka Joan S.

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