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About Sandy McCauley
Digital Die Cutting: More fun than anyone should have with a piece of paper... or vinyl, plastic, fabric, iron-on, foil, and more!

Purpose of I Love

This web site provides support, comparisons, software, videos and other information related to the Klic-N-Kut digital die cutters.If you are just now learning about Klic-N-Kut, check out the Klic-N-Kut Info section of this site.If you are a current KNK owner and need some help, check out the Support section of this site.

My Store

In the store at this site, I sell KNK Studio software videos.

Affiliate Links

I am an affiliate seller for:
* Scrappy Dew's SCAL Video Training If you are an owner of SCAL and need help, I highly recommend this program which includes over 4 hours of online videos you can watch at your leisure.


Need some inspiration? Check out the Team KNK blog where talented KNK owners present never-before-published creations made with their cutters. New projects are posted several times per week.



I mainly use my K-N-K for cutting fabric appliques and this wonderful machine has been the answer to my "cutting" problems. Sandy has been a delight and such a helpmate from the first email we exchanged up to the present time. WOW! She is truly a blessing. Thanks, Sandy, for the many free videos. I like the fact that I can call those up when I need a quick answer. You are the best!!!

Sandra S.

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Copic Certification

Copic Boot Camp


January 2021

Papers and Pixels

For those interested in purchasing a cutter, I have a very strong preference for the Klic-N-Kut machines because of their broad range of functionality and applicability. In two words: KNK ROCKS! If you are interested in a KNK or other die cutting machine, please contact me for a referral to a qualified dealer (please indicate in your email where you live):

Currently, I sell software and KNK Studio videos and I am an affiliate seller for KNK USA.

I also help current owners of KNKs sell their die cutting machines in order to upgrade to newer or larger KNK’s. These used KNK’s continue to work great for many applications and offer a way for those on a limited budget to get the cutter they need! So, please notify me if you are interested in a used KNK and I will put you in touch with the seller. I also list used KNK’s for sale below but ONLY from customers who purchased their KNK’s and/or received phone classes through me.


LIKE NEW, 15″ KNK MAXX Air for sale

This machine is in perfect working order and is barely used. I played with it just enough to really get the hang of it, then decided to buy the larger 24″ model. It has just been sitting back in the box waiting. I’ll take $695 including shipping. I paid $960. I’ll include all of the brand new, unopened goodies that came with my new machine: a new blade holder and blades, new cutting matt, unused activation pin, unopened $300 bonus kit (see contents below), plus all relevant cables, etc. You are essentially getting a new machine. The only difference is the bolt-on flatbed tables have VERY minor wear from paper and the cutting matt sliding over it during normal operation (the third photo is an attempt to show this). Other than that (which will happen after using it 10 times anyway), it is in perfect, like-new condition.

If you’re interested, please feel free to email me at

Bonus kit items:
Large Sticky mat
2” transfer tape
8 – 12” x 12” gemstone vinyl
5 each of red and blue Zing blades
5 skinny sheets of stencil board (4″ x 12″)
1 burnishing kit
1 ruler
1 squeegee
10 sheets Cardstock
5 sheets each of the 7 mil and 10 mil mylar
10 sheets of Chipboard
Scrapbook tape roll
Vinyl color charts
10 sheets 12″ x 12″ Wall Vinyl
2 sheets of 12″ x 12″ Faux Etch



15″ Maxx for Sale $450.00 (does not include shipping and handling.


Cord and BH


Price includes:
(2) bolt-on flatbed tables w/ extra bolts
Power cord
USB cable
Serial cable
10 blades
1 blade holder
1 embossing tool

If interested, please email Sandra Moses at



13″ KNK Groove E for Sale $300.00
In great condition awaiting a new owner
It comes with power cord, usb cables,
2 bolt-on flatbed tables and blade holder.
I would like to upgrade. Please email me
at if interested.


  1. Aliz Lee

    Hi Sandy,

    I am interested with the Zing Air but I can’t find any dealer in Malaysia. Is there any dealer nearest to Malaysia that you can recommend to me so I can save some of the shipping cost?

    Best regards,
    Aliz Lee

  2. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Katherine,

    Any of the KNK’s should work well for this application. The Zing will only cut up to 14″ in width, but if the other dimension is smaller, then you can simply rotate the image for cutting. If the image is larger than 14” x 14”, then you would need either the 15” Maxx Air or the 24” Maxx Air.

  3. katherine hamen

    I am interested in creating silhouettes for framing, no more than 15 inches wide. I would use my computer to print out the images and scan or transfer to a cutting machine. Some of the images would be quite detailed (buildings, trees, etc.) and some would be just outlines. It seems like the knk would do the trick but not sure of the model. I would use craft papers only. Am not interested in embossing, rubber stamps or other uses. Can you recommend a machine for me and if I could purchase it from you? Thankyou.

  4. Sandy McCauley

    I recommend you contact Skat Katz, our Australian distributors. His shipping price will be far less expensive than ordering one from our warehouse in Florida. Here’s a link to their web site:

  5. azlinnaini kasim

    Hi sandy!
    I’m alin from malaysia. I’m interested of purchasing the KNK machine, but it is difficult to find it here in Malaysia. Could you please give me an advise? Thank you, and have a great day!

  6. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Belinda, Sorry for the delay! You can cut the thin clear rubber sold by Silhouette for their cutters. At one time, KNK USA sold a thicker clear rubber but lost their supplier. So, now I recommend what Silhouette sells. If you want a thicker stamp, just cut two of the same thing or use one of the mounting materials.

  7. Belinda Loux

    I have made my decision on the Zing and I can’t wait to get it. I am wondering if this machine will make rubber stamps.

  8. Sandy McCauley

    Yes! The Zing will cut stencil materials! Make The Cut, the software that comes with the Zing, allows you to use your own fonts. Here’s a video showing how easy it is to create a stencil when you have interior paths that need to be connected to the outside:

    Let me know if you have other questions!

  9. Kim

    I have a quick question on the Zing. I am interested in cutting stencils, and I have heard that it will cut stencil material. Am I able to use the fonts currently on my computer? Is there a way that I can create the fonts into stencil fonts easily? Thank you!

  10. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Woody,

    I don’t know of anyone who has tried that. If you added a rectangle around the outside and used that for registration, then I suppose the print and cut process could be used to insure accuracy. But considering how thin the cuts are, you would probably end up with a “hair thickness” difference, so you might need to sand the thicker material after cutting to make sure you have a smooth outside. I would, instead, recommend cutting the same material but thinner and then building up the layers like the railroad modelers do.

    Just how thick of a material were you wanting to cut? And what material?

  11. woody

    Hi Sandy,

    Just curious if you or anyone has tried cutting thicker material by using mirror imaging with software and flipping the material over and cutting the back side, and if so how accurate is the cutter to reproduce the cut on the opposite side to match the front side if you use the alignment from the front side with a hole all the way thru the material to the other side to use for alignment.

  12. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Lori,

    KNK Studio GE was designed for the older 8″ Graphtec machines… GE stands for “Graphtec Edition”. However, you can design in KNK Studio GE and then copy/paste over to MTC for cutting and that’s not a bad thing because of how sluggish MTC can be when editing rhinestone designs. I have a LOT of videos showing how to do rhinestone designing within KNK Studio, so you can take full advantage of those tutorials. As for the cutter itself, you can use any of the current models to cut rhinestone template material. If you plan to also cut iron on vinyl (and I highly recommend you do that if you are planning a small business involving rhinestones), then the Maxx Air is probably the best choice! Feel free to let me know if you have more questions! I’ll also send this post via email to you.

  13. Lori Waldman

    Hi Sandy, I purchased the KNK Studio GE a few months ago and I am now ready to purchase a cutter. I plan on doing Rhinestone templates but I don’t want to buy a machine that will require a lot of Maintaince. Will the Maxx Air work with KNK studio? Is the only difference the width? In your opinion Which software is more user friendly the MTC or Studio GE? I know MTC comes with the machine I’m just not sure which one I should use.

    Thank you,
    Lori W

  14. Sandy McCauley

    The Zing has more functionality than most digital die cutters, so there’s lots to learn, but there are also lots of videos to help you along the way. What do you want to cut? And do you enjoy learning new software? Make The Cut, which comes with every Zing, is very popular with the crafting community. It comes with over 9000 free files, plus you can import a wide range of files, and it has lot of tools for designing your own. : ) Let me know if you have more questions!

  15. Mary

    How easy it to learn how to use the zing? What machine is computer friendly or do you even use the computer?

  16. Sandy McCauley

    All dealers are bound by contract to sell at the same price, but can add on extras, as they like. Almost all Maxx’s ship from our facility in Florida, so choosing one “locally” also has no added benefit. Right now, the Maxx Airs are out of stock… but should be back in stock in early February. Feel free to email me privately if you have more questions. You’ll get a quicker response that way! My email is

  17. Adri Myburgh

    I am interested in purchasing the The KNK Maxx 24 where shall I get the best deal or price in South Africa. I have found them in Scrap a doodles in Irene Centurion, for R12999.00. is this in order or can I save. would you help me pls. Kind regards Adri

  18. Sandy McCauley

    I will do that! You might want to post on a few of the KNK Yahoo groups to see if anyone is interested in selling. We’ve had a lot of our customers selling in order to upgrade to the Maxx Air.

  19. Mona Hayes

    Hi Sandy,
    I am looking for a used 24″ Maxx for my sister who is on a limited budget. Could you let me know if you know of any that are available? I will then pass the information on to her.
    Thank you so much!
    Mona Hayes

  20. Sandy McCauley

    The KNK Maxx 15, 24 and KNK Maxx Air 15 are all in stock at KNK USA and can be purchased at The Zing and the 24″ Maxx Air are out of stock until ~ 2nd week in October, I believe.

  21. Denise Bashore

    I am looking to purchase a KNK Machine.Can you advise of where to purchase? I looked at there site and they are on back order.

  22. Sandy McCauley

    Thanks, Judi! The questions do not show up until I approve them, which is why there was a delay! But now that you have my email address, feel free to just use that!

  23. JUDI

    Wasn’t upset with you Sandy as I had only posted last night but until you answered it, it didn’t show and I felt I had typed it all for nothing, that was the disappointment.
    YES I SAW THE RETREAT and hated that I missed in. I am in Las Vegas, NV, it would have been so easy for me. Well they say…things happen for a reason!
    Thanks again
    Replied you

  24. Sandy McCauley

    Again, I’m so sorry for the delay in responding!

    The KNK Zing will definitely cut the paper weight you’re interested in using and will handle the amount of cutting you want to do. If you like, I’ll cut the exact same scalloped circles in the Zing, from 140 lb watercolor paper, and mail them to you for inspection! Just let me know! : )

  25. Sandy McCauley

    Sorry for the delay, Judi! I’m still catching up from the retreat you see on the home page. Here are the answers to your questions:

    (1) Yes! Whatever shape you choose you can use one function to duplicate it to fill a sheet.
    (2) We have free shipping right now on all KNK’s
    (3) I think the Zing is PERFECT for your application! I’ve done a little Zentangle myself! Plus, once you own a Zing and see what other owners are doing, you suddenly start thinking of more applicatons! For example, you might want to make some decorations for a holiday or party, make some fancy cut greeting cards, or even use it to cut fabric or vinyl.
    (4) Photoshop Elements is a raster program and Make The Cut is a vector program because that’s what cutters use. MTC is similar to Elements in that you use a Layers Bar to organize your file and control what gets cut. If you create designs in Elements then you can import the files as JPG, PNG, BMP, etc and vectorize to create a cuttable version. However, MTC also currently comes with over 6000 free files plus lots of functions for custom designing you own creations!

  26. JUDI

    I am so disappointed as I posted here last night and now I don’t see it so I have to start over again.
    Well I am trying to discover if the zing will work enough for me to cut 140# watercolor and mixed media paper that we draw on.
    Someone gave me 4″ round circles and 2.5″ x 3.5″ (we call ATC’s) both with awesome scalloped edges. She said she did them on her cricut machine…6 to a page. Well I didn’t like the cricut feedbacks I read nor do I like things that are to proprietary so I went researching and found the Zing.
    Sandy, do you thing the zing is good enough for what I want to cut. If I get 4 or 6 on a page at once I would probably only cut 12-20 pages every other day.
    Thank you and I hope this one gets posted

  27. Judi P

    Hello Sandy,
    I am trying to figure out if the Zing is what I need. I am not a scrapbooker and have never had a need for a paper cutter other than fancy scissors. I do a thing called Zentangle, it is a type of art drawing where we draw (some call it doodle) on various papers, shapes and sizes…from vellums to mixed media to watercolor paper. Ranging from 70# – 140#
    We do swaps and in a swap I received a round and rectangle from some one with beautiful scalloped edges. I asked where she got them and she said she made it w/ her cricut cutter. It intriqued me, so I started to research and didn’t like the over proprietary ways of cricut nor its review. Then I stumbled on to KNK and saw the Zing.
    My questions 1) Will the zing cut this out and like 4-6 on an 8×10 sheet? they are usually 2.5″ x 3.5″ rectangles and 4″ rounds.
    2) Are there any pricing specials or shipping specials on?
    3) Do you think this is to much machine for what I need?
    4) Some where I read that the software that comes with it is a bit like Photoshop Elements (which I use currently)
    Thank you for any of your help you can offer. Judi

  28. Sandy McCauley

    Almost all KNK USA dealers are internet based companies. And the KNK’s are drop-shipped from our main facility in Florida. However, Janome (the sewing machine company) is also a distributor of our Zing and some of their dealers carry them in stores, but we wouldn’t know which ones. So, you can try calling some local sewing stores to check. I personally recommend buying from KNK USA because you then don’t have to pay sales tax plus you get free shipping and my support. : )

  29. Sherry D.

    I am interested in buying a Zing. Is there local dealers in PA or do I have to order it online? Thanks!

  30. Tracy

    I am looking for a used KNK cutter. My brother in law just bought one after we both purchased the Craftwell Cutter that DOESN”T work like it says! I’m on a budget. Can you help me.

  31. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Christopher,

    The KNK Maxx Air is better suited when cutting heavy cardstock for business applications. It’s built to cut “all day long” and the flatbed tables allow for easier production runs with our thicker cutting mats. The KNK Zing, which has less cutting force, is better suited for hobby applications unless cutting thin materials.

    We have a KNK dealer in Australia who can provide you a shipping quote from there. His name is Fred Muraca and he owns

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  32. Kiew Boh Yeo

    Dear Sandy,
    I am currently operating a small name card shop in my home town.
    I intend to buy a KNK to make diferrent name card shapes for my customers. The weight of the card stock is around 250gm to 300gram.
    Please advise me which KNK machine( Zing or Maxx Air) is most economical and suitable for this purpose. Is extended flatbed done better to stablise the cutting process…?
    Thanks and best regards
    Christopher Yeo from Malaysia

  33. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Jenifer,

    It depends on the leather. I’ve successfully cut bookbinding leather and thin suede with the KNK’s, including the Zing. But thick dense leather doesn’t yield clean cuts. If you would like to send us some of the leather you’re hoping to cut, we will be happy to test it using the shapes and sizes you’re needing. I’ll contact you at your email address.

  34. Jenifer

    I am considering KNK for use on leather projects. Can this machine handle leather, providing clean cuts?

  35. Sandy McCauley

    I teach the Zing but I do not teach AC. Instead, I support Make The Cut, which is a user-friendly program that also cuts to the Zing. You might also find some benefit in watching the videos we have for the Zing… which show how to install a blade, how to insert the mat, etc… things that are not related to the software.

    I did create a video showing how to cut a shape from AC to the Zing. You can access that video here:

    If you ever have an interest in Make The Cut, I think you’d really like it. The price is only $58.36 and you can save files from there in SVG format to them bring into AC for the more advanced rhinestone designing. Other than just cutting RH patterns, I recommend MTC for everything else because it has so many designing features and, again, is much easier to learn.

  36. Starr Denise Cosby

    I have a zing cutter machine and artistic view crystals and no clue how to use either. Do you teach on these? Let me know so we can work something out.

  37. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Sherry, We now have drivers that work with 64 bit computers, so you can go back to using just the USB cable with your Element. I’ll be happy to help you get that set up! Regarding a trade in, we had a program last year for trading in older cutters for the KNK Zing. I can check to see if KNK USA plans to start that up again any time soon. I’ll also email you directly so that we can chat more.

  38. Sherry

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I wanted to trade-in for a current KNK machine and I live in Palm Bay, FL.

  39. Sherry

    I purchased my machine in 2006 in its first release. Not too long thereafter I upgraded my computer and found that it wasn’t compatible with my KNK Element anymore. I don’t use my machine any more because of the compatibility issue. Are the newer machines designed to be more compatible especially when you upgrade your computer? I had to buy a special cord to try and make it compatible, but had issues with that. I loved using my cutter and made several invitations with it. I just got sooooo frustrated with it that it collected a lot of dust. Now that I am homeschooling I would like to create lapbooks with a cutter. Is there a place where I can trade in my old knk element? (Sorry for being long-winded :))

  40. Sandy McCauley

    What do you plan to use the KNK to cut? I’m happy to advise you!

  41. Ginger

    I am looking to buy a knk. I would love to know which machine would be best for me, and if anyone has a used machine they would like to sell.

  42. Sandy McCauley

    The KNK’s are GREAT cutters and I’ve always been available, along with several support sites, to help new owners get started and be successful owners. I think you would very much enjoy using MTC with your KNK and can even upgrade to the latest version and install into another folder, if you want to continue using your Cricut. I can help you with that, as well.

    First of all, let’s figure out which model you purchased. The very first KNK’s were released just over 6 years ago and they cost over $900, so you’ve had yours less than 6 years. Can you tell me what label is on it and measure the width of it? That will help me figure out the exact model and then I can direct you to which MTC user manual to use for reference.

  43. cheryl higgins

    I purchased a KNK machine new about 6-8 years ago. I never was able to get it to cut and gave up and put it on the shelf. I have MTC for my cricut and have always like the program because of the ease of use for it. I was wondering if it would be worth the effort to use MTC for this machine or just get rid of it. I bought the KNK because I researched the die machines for weeks and felt this was the best for the money $549.00 but after my experience with the software thought what a waste of money. Now I am deciding whether this machine is worth trying to learn or just dump it.

  44. Sandy McCauley

    MTC comes with the purchase of a KNK Zing!

  45. Nermine

    Hi Sandy,

    Do I have to purchase the MTC to work with the KNK Zing?


  46. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Kim, Maybe try joining both the main Klic-N-Kut Yahoo group and the I Love My KNK Maxx Yahoo group and then mention you are in South Africa and looking for a used 24″ KNK Maxx. That’s probably your best bet since we do have South African members belong to these two groups. Good luck!!! Hope you find one!

  47. Kim van Lingen

    Hello Sandy,
    I am looking for a used KNK 24″ machine, I have very little budget as am trying really hard to get my bead and soap home businesses running but I am struggling with the packaging but I believe that the KNK Maxx will do it for me (well I really hope so).
    The closest KNK distributor to me is close to 2000 kilometers away but they expressly do not deal in used machines which is awful because the KNK Maxx basic model retails here for R16 800 ($1890) putting far out of reach of woman trying to start up small home businesses in rural, impoverished places.
    If you know of a good secondhand machine please let me know.
    Sincerely yours,

  48. Sandy McCauley

    The yellow KNK being listed by Cherrie is 6 years old and is located in Denver.

  49. w mike copp

    can you tell me how old this cutter and is it in Fl.

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