Creating an Inset for a Shaped Greeting Card

Carol B contacted me asking for help with designing what I’m going to call a “shaped inset”. The original file was a onesie-shaped greeting card and she wanted to have a separate shape cut that would contain text for the inside of the card. She wanted it to be the same shape as the card but smaller so that there would be an even border or margin around the smaller shape, as shown in the screenshot above. Conveniently, I had another similar onesie file that I had designed several years ago, so I used it for experimenting and for making the videos for today’s post.

Since Carol was asking me how to do it in EITHER KNK Studio or Make The Cut, I decided to show how to do it in both programs since it is equally easy in both programs! In KNK Studio, I used the Ginsu Knife tool to bisect the card, followed by the Inline function under Transform>Outline to shrink the shape. This created a nice even border to appear around the smaller onesie shape. In Make The Cut, you will use the Erase tool to bisect the card, followed by the Inset Shadow function under the Shadow Layer to shrink the image, creating the same kind of border or margin.

Here are the links to the two videos:

Creating an Inset Shape from a Shaped Greeting Card in KNK Studio

Creating an Inset Shape from a Shaped Greeting Card in Make The Cut

If you want to follow along during the video and repeat exactly what you see, then the file I used can be downloaded here:

Onesie in KNK Format

Onesie in MTC Format

Adorable Easter Carrot Box by Kris Kutz!

Stellar Stationery is now selling their cutting files under the name Kris Kutz and I will continue to host these files here in my store: Cutting Files by Kris Kutz

This latest one is SO incredibly cute and is a great value based on the detail of this project! Note the little fence which surrounds a carrot-shaped box, which is supported vertically within another box:

The top of the carrot lifts up to reveal any of SIX different animals that can be used as the surprise within the box:

Is this not just the cutest little gift idea or even table favor for your Easter meal? And the price for this entire project is only $4.99! Available in KNK, PDF, and MTC formats.