I am SO very proud to announce that Kitty Finn is now selling cutting files at Visual Designs by Chris.

In February, I taught a KNK retreat in Scottsdale and Kitty was one of my attendees. After the retreat, Kitty told me she felt so overwhelmed the first night that she had to make a decision… drive back to LA or head to the bar and drink a couple of martinis! Fortunately, she chose the martinis! 😛 The next day, she faced more classes and more design challenges, but at some point, she got hooked and suddenly what seemed so overwhelming the first day turned into fun and excitement the second day. By the end of the weekend, she was ready to go home and start designing her own files. And now, several months later, I am SO thrilled to announce that Kitty is now a member of Chris Durnan’s team of designers and has her first files ready to sell. Here is a link to see her files:

Kitty’s Cuttings

Also, Kitty is looking for some volunteers to test cut other formats of her files. Specifically she would like to have someone who owns a Silhouette cut her GSD versions and someone who owns a Cricut (along with SCAL or MTC) to cut her SVG versions. You can reach her at Scvfinn@aol.com. if you are interested in helping.

Kitty, I wish you great success at Visual Designs by Chris! And I look forward to seeing you again at the San Diego retreat in October. 🙂