Videos for KNK Zing

First Steps with your Zing

A Tour of the Parts of the Zing

Assembling the Test Pen Holder

Other Accessories Sold for the Zing

Installing the Blade into the Zing Blade Holder

Operating the Pinch Wheels Levers on the Zing

Setting the Blade Depth/Exposure on the Zing Blade Holder

Setting the Distance for the Blade Tip above the Material

Cutting in Knife Point Mode

Cutting in WYSIWYG Mode

Cutting 0.02″ White Chipboard

Cutting 0.03″ KNK USA Chipboard

Using the Pen Tool

Doing an Aligned Draw with a Glue Pen and Cutting

Using the Embossing Tool on Metal

Demo of Zing Speak

Starting a PNC at the First Reg Mark

Complete PNC Project on the KNK Zing

Fixing a Lever on the Zing

13 thoughts on “Videos for KNK Zing

  1. First off, have you worked through each situation presented in Section 2.07? That part of the user manual teaches you how the various settings affect where shapes will cut. Note, for example, that with Knife Point, you use the blade tip to set the origin whereas with WYSIWYG, you use the laser light. If, after going through every example, you are still not able to predict exactly where shapes will cut, send me an email, with a cutting file:

  2. Sandy; everything I have seen and read points to you as being the guru for make the cut and the Zing machines…..Mine does not seem to be cutting where I think it should start in wysiwyg. Is there something I should be looking for. Possibly it is trying to cut the background as well….if so, is there a way to remove the background and just cut the image. I thought that is what I had done. Thanks for any help you can give me…..or even a direction to send me in.

  3. What model do you own? I assume the Zing? What blade are you cutting with and what Blade Offset are you using?

  4. Hola Sherley ,

    Desafortunadamente , no podemos darnos el lujo de tener el manual del usuario o los videos traducidos al español . Sin embargo , voy a hacer mi mejor utilizando Google Translate para responder todas sus preguntas .

    Los números de página que muestro a continuación corresponden a este manual de usuario :

    Para JPG , PNG , BMP y TIF , utilizar la función de seguimiento de píxeles . Página 106

    Para los archivos PDF , debe utilizar el botón PDF en la parte superior . Entonces , si el PDF fue creado de una imagen vectorial , entonces verás que en la ventana de vista previa. Pero si se ha creado a partir de una imagen de trama , o incluso si sólo una parte de él fue creado de una imagen de trama , entonces verás un texto azul en la parte inferior de la pantalla. Consulte la página 82 Verá el texto azul en la figura en la parte inferior .

    Para controlar qué formas se cortan , se hace clic en el icono del ojo poco en el Bar de capa. Consulte la página 67 y 68 .

    Voy a tratar de encontrar un cliente que le puede ayudar con más preguntas .Esté pendiente de un correo electrónico de mí en los próximos días . Voy a enviarlo desde .

  5. Buenas tardes disculpen compre hace un mes la maquina pero no he podido usarla como todo esta en ingles y nobse como usar el programa de diseno q trae la maquina o como seleccionar parte que quiero sea cortada y la q no .
    Si pudueran poner videos mas sobre q clase de archivos corta jpg pdf tif etc si hay q vectotizarlo en rl programa de diseno de la zingo o lo puedo trsbajar en ilustrador ayudenme porfavor gracias

  6. Hi Bob,

    The blades do not cut that thick. They are limited to about 2.25 mm in maximum cutting depth. Now, some customers will cut thicker craft foam and then push it out. So, if you like, I can cut some shapes of your choice from your craft foam and then you can decide if the Zing will do what you need.


  7. Hi!

    I’ve been searching everywhere to see if the Zing will handle 3mm craft foam but not even the KNK web site gives specifics on the depth of the “thick material blade”. Can you advise?

    Many thanks,
    Bob Breeding,

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  9. Hi Jack,

    The KNK Zing will be able to engrave the Alumamark but only cut it if the Alumamark is very thin. I’ve been able to cut soda cans which are about 0.005″ thick. Please let me know if you have other questions!

  10. Absolutely! This is a very common application with the Zing and other KNK’s. The software which comes with the Zing, Make The Cut, has a very powerful but easy-to-learn digitizing function called Pixel Trace. You can also export files from MTC in a variety of formats that should make it easy for you to then use in your embroidery software.

  11. I have a question! I am an educator for a store that sells embroidery machines. I teach digitizing software. I would like to be able to digitize a design like a flower, frog, fish etc. and be able to cut it out to iron on my fabric in the hoop to applique it with the embroidery machine. Is this something that that the Zing can do? Most of my students are home embroiders and cannot afford to spend money for big machines!

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