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    Features and Functions

    Virtual Mat Settings
    Creating a Custom Mat
    Layer Bar: Part 1
    Layer Bar: Part 2
    Layer Bar: Part 3
    Shadow Function
    Lattice Feature
    Layer Function
    Rotated Duplicate
    Thin Paths Feature
    Using Conical Warp to Design a Cupcake Wrapper
    Using Conical Warp to Design a Tumbler Wrap
    Jigsaw Puzzle Generator


    Entering Text and Welding Letters
    Opening Font Files
    Using Dingbat Fonts
    Thickening a Font
    Downloading and Installing OPF Fonts
    Text Import Plus Alignment and Spacing Shortcuts
    Creating a Rounded Monogram
    Designing Interlocking Letters for a Monogram
    Fill a Circular Frame with Text
    Filling A Shape with Text
    Stretching Letters to Fit a Shape


    Creating a Rounded Rectangle
    Designing a Wreath
    Designing Quilled Flowers 1
    Designing Quilled Flowers 2
    Setting Up Custom Color Profiles
    Stenciling Letters
    Using Overlays in MTC – Part 1
    Using Overlays in MTC – Part 2
    Dashed Lines
    Adding Dashed Lines
    Designing a Scalloped Square
    Creating an Inset from a Shaped Greeting Card
    Designing a Hinged Card
    Downloading and Customizing a Chevron Pattern
    Filling Letters with a Chevron Pattern
    Designing a Heart Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

    Tracing: Auto and Manual

    Demo of Pixel Tracing Features
    Pixel Trace Part 1 – Pixel Tab Option
    Pixel Trace Part 2 – Alpha Tab
    Pixel Trace Part 3 – Palette Tab
    Pixel Trace Part 4 – Color Tab
    Color Scans Trace Option
    Importing and Tracing a Decoupage Image
    Trace and Edit Example
    Creating Digital Stamps from Mounted Stamps
    Simple Curve Trace
    Manual Tracing Using the Bezier Tool
    Manually Tracing a Fold-up Project

    Preparing Print and Cut Projects

    Pixel Tracing for a PNC
    Using Join to Fill a Shape with a Pixel Traced Image
    Die Cutting a Vector Shape from a Raster Image
    PNC with an Inset Cut Line
    Adding Interior Cut Lines to a PNC Traced Image
    Additional Pixel Tracing Tips for a PNC Application
    Print and Cut Overlapping Images
    Print and Cut Where a Contour Shape is Larger Than the Printed Image


    Resizing Shapes
    Rotating a Raster Image in older versions of MTC – Method 1
    Rotating a Raster Image in older versions of MTC – Method 2
    Rotating Shapes
    Closing Open Shapes
    Delete By Area Function
    Erase and Inverse Erase
    Using the Inverse Eraser
    Node Edit – Convert Curves to Straight Lines
    Editing a Traced Image


    Importing from Basic Shapes
    Importing from the MTC Gallery
    Importing Files from Template Maker
    Converting a Paper Piecing KNK File to MTC
    Importing DXF Files into MTC


    Exporting to Basic Shapes and Backup/Restore
    Using Basic Shapes to Store a Template File
    Convert MTC files to KNK format
    Creating a Watermark and Then Applying

    Rhinestone Designing and Editing

    Rhinestone Designing
    Editing a Rhinestone Design Using Shortcut Keys
    Resizing Rhinestone Patterns
    Respacing Rhinestone Patterns
    Using Inkscape for Rhinestone Editing
    Designing a Letter for HTV with Rhinestone Track
    Designing a Linear Rhinestone Spray
    Designing a Rhinestone Spray Effect
    Applying Rhinestone Simulations


    Knife Point Mode Alignment For KNK’s
    Cutting Multiple Shapes from an Odd Shaped Material
    Splitting a Large File into Two Parts for Cutting

    Metric Workarounds In MTC

    Finding Shape Dimensions in Metric Units
    Metric Workaround

    Which Version

    Which Version Am I Using

    35 thoughts on “Make The Cut (MTC) Support

    1. Please use this link to send a message to KNK USA. Provide them your postal code and which KNK model you are interesting in buying. They will give a quote for the cost of the cutter and shipping cost.

    2. It’s not unusual for there to be sizing differences when converting from one format to another. So, I believe the scaling difference from AI to MTC is 125%. Thus, as soon as you have the shapes imported into MTC, with everything still selected, type in 125% in either the W or the H field at the top, making sure the Aspect Ratio icon (to the right of the H field) is locked. Now, see how things work and please feel free to email me directly for a faster response.

    3. For years I have been hand trimming to make pop up cards. My score and cut lines are made in adobe illustrator and placed over the flat design in adobe indesign. I recently was delivered a Zing and installed the MTC software on my iMac which is simulated through Wineskin. I did not know nor was it mentioned that MTC is windows only. I have had numerous emails back and forth with Ron at accugraphics assuring me the software can accurately trim my files. In the end he sent a link to a video demonstrating but he explained nothing. There are MTC are features unavailable on a mac so I can’t copy-paste vectors directly from adobe illustrator to MTC. I have attempted using my own placed registration marks but the MTC/Zing trims at 75% smaller than size. I have already calibrated the laser. I have also tried numerous searches on but have had no luck. Can your videos/site demonstrate how to accurately trim a preprinted 8.5×11 sheet using MTC on a mac? Otherwise I will return the Zing or place it on ebay.

    4. Sorry for the delay, Ryan! Did not get a notification.

      The best thing to do is use a test pen and paper and start practicing drawing text. Section 1.10.2 shows where to send the origin… basically in the lower right corner as your face the Zing. Most of the material should be behind the cutter at the start of a cut. Also refer to Section 2.07 for the various options you have for controlling where shapes will cut and in what orienation. Practise those and make sure you read all of the details. For example you set this origin with the blade tip in Knife Point mode, but use the laser in WYSIWYG mode.

      The most common mistake for new owners is cutting too far to the left and sending the machine out of range. In MTC, keep your shapes on the right side of the Virtual Mat and avoid moving too far to the left when setting the origin. Email me if you run into any issues!

    5. Hi Sandy,
      We just got the KNK Zing where I work and it’s up to me to figure out how to use it. The first thing I want to master is creating text of all different fonts and sizes and then cutting the text out of adhesive vinyl. Basically we want to make our own letters for painting on wood. I’ve been watching your tutorials and I get how to create the text and size it and all that, but I don’t fully understand setting the origin point for the blade, and basically every aspect of the cutting phase. I see that you have tutorials for how to cut wood and other materials but I haven’t found one for just cutting letters out of adhesive vinyl. Any help would be much appreciated!

    6. Hi Sandy. Thank you for your very helpful emails. I am looking for the video tutorial on how to subtract. I am using it for vinyl and don’t want to layer vinyl on top of vinyl so Im looking on how to do the subtract feature. Thanks.

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    8. The $75 would be for the other software program we offer but hopefully we can find a solution around that.

      PDF is actually a GREAT format because it retains the vector data AND the sizing. DXF is famous for importing either really tiny or super huge, because, as I understand it, there’s no info stored on the unit of measurement used. Some import filters will allow one to specify which units to try, but I remember back in the Graphtec Craft Robo days, having such headaches with DXF files (which was the only format the Robomaster would recognize). I realize that DXF is a common format still in the CAD world, but it’s not all that common any longer with other vector design software.

      If you want to send me a sample DXF file, I can test it in Inkscape (a free program). Or you can check out Cute PDF, a free Print to PDF program that should work. Or perhaps you already have a Print to PDF printer driver installed? Again, in my experience, PDF does a perfect job of retaining original sizing plus… another issue… DXF can sometimes import with a lot of broken segments which may need editing before cutting.

      Anyhow, if you want to email me at, I’m more than happy to help you find the best solution! Please let me know which KNK model you own. Thanks!

    9. Thanks for your comment.

      What is the $65 for? Do I need something additional? The use of a PDF file seem like there will be ann accuracy issue. I nee dot cut parts with skien precision. If I take a cad dwg which is to scale and convert to a PDG it will not longer be to scalE?? IT SEEMS THAT A PRODUCT LIKE THIS SHOULC BE ABLE TO READ A DXF FILE??

    10. Hi Jim,

      I answered your privately but haven’t hear back. You can import DXF and DWG into KNK Studio and then copy/paste over to MTC for cutting OR you can directly from KNK Studio. An activation pin costs $75. IF you have the option in your software to either export as AI, EPS, PDF, or SVG, then those will import into MTC. Or if you have a Print to PDF option, that should also work as well. Let me know if you need more help!

    11. Hi Aiden,

      Yes, if your program retains the vector when creating the PDF, then Make The Cut or KNK Studio should import the PDF as a vector and be ready to cut. If you want to email a sample file to me, I can verify that right away.

      The KNK Zing can cut really thin leather and the Maxx Air can cut thicker leather. There can be so much variation in both thickness and density that I prefer to sample cut whatever leather types a prospective buyer plans to use before purchase. You can either refer me to your supplier or mail samples to me for cutting. I’ll email you so we can discuss further.

    12. I’m interested in purchasing a KNK in the next year. I want to cut out pieces from a 3D modeling program called Sketchup. I would strongly prefer to export my work as vector lines as a PDF. Can the KNK print a PDF with vector graphics?

      Also – can a KNK cut leather?


    13. Hi Sandy,

      I am trying to a print and cuts, but after I do the alignment on the 3 registration marks, the blade does not return to the home position. I wait but it then it never goes home. if I click OK, it cuts in the wrong position, even though I am aligned to the registration marks. According to the MTC documentation, I need to go back to an older version of the plug-in, but I don’t know where to find it.
      In an attempt to get it working, I reloaded the NEWEST versions of both MTC and the plug-in, but still not working.
      Is the MTC documentation correct (page 196 of the April 21, 2013 manual) and if so, where can I get an older version of the plug-in?

      Last Saturday, I posted this on the KNK support page, ticket #2465. I received the “Your request (#2465) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.” but have yet to receive a response. I’m hoping you can help.

      thanks for your assistance!

    14. Hi Laurie,

      Glad you like your Zing! Did a KNK dealer or a Win PC Sign dealer tell you that the Zing would cut from Win PC Sign at some point? I can’t imagine a KNK dealer saying it because that’s never been in the plans. Please note, however, that MTC does now OPEN WPC files, so if you prefer designing in that software, then just open the WPC file in MTC for cutting only! You’ll need to download the latest free update here. Be sure to also download the latest Zing Plug-in as well:

      Note that MTC now handles rasters differently, so you should be able to work with multiple photos and not have the software bog down or crash. Let me know if I can help you in any other way!

    15. I like my ZING, however, the MTC software is a bunch of CRAP!!! If you are trying to do anything other than one or two SMALL photos, forget it. I stupidly believed the sales man when he told me that my WINPC Sign would soon be compatible with the ZING cutter. Big mistake. I will get rid of the zing, just so I don’t have to use the MTC software EVER, EVER again. For small projects, it’s great. Whoever added the rhinestone feature needed to figure out how to make it so the program doesn’t freeze every time you use it.

    16. HI Joey,

      Sorry you having so many problems! Before we get started, I want you to reread Section 2.01 of the UM and watch the videos. I can’t remember if the latest update has this particular video linked, but I want you to watch it, as well:

      I’ll be sending you an email so that I can help you directly! We’ll get you LOVING your new Zing! I promise!

    17. Dear Sandy
      Please could you assist. I am really ready to ditch my zing cutter out the door as I do not manage with it. I see you have videos to watch but I am not sure where to start. I live in South Africa and bought the Klic-n-Cut Zing locally. I cannot manage to cut anything as I do not manage with the settings. First it cuts too deep, then it doesn’t cut through, then it tears to card stock or the paper. I have wasted so much time, money and effort. I am starting to hate the machine which I purchased with all enthusiasm. Please guide me as to where I can start to do a basic cut of the words “7 months” for instance. How do I know what the off-set must be, how many times it should cut over, etc. I am really desperate. I am prepared to purchase the videos if I can just know where to start please help me.

    18. Are you ONLY exporting vectors? There cannot be an raster parts to your image. If you are only doing vectors, then please send me the AI file so I can see why there might be a problem. My email is Also, the AI needs to be version 10 or later.

    19. Hi Sandy I just got my Klik n Kut Zing machine with the make the cut software. I design in Coreldraw and export as AI but the designs do not show up in make the cut when I import. Is there something I do wrong? I would love to have some help here.

    20. The best thing to do is put those dashed lines on their own layer first. Then you can click on the thumbnail on the Layers bar and then they will all be selected together. Or you can click on the little Palette icon on that new layer and then change to dash lines.

    21. When you add a dashed line to a card shape, is there a way to ‘join’ them so that they can be moved together? When I try it changes the card lines to dashed also.

    22. Sandy, thanks a mill!
      That’s what I need….
      You are so on top of things….I am very impressed with your professionalism…
      Have a great day!

    23. The shipping weight of the Zing box is 15 lbs and the box dimensions are 12″ x 16″ x 30″.

    24. Sandy, can you please tell the weight of the Zing?
      I live in the Caribbean & have pre-ordered & I am trying to determine the best way to ship.
      Thank you!

    25. OMG!!! What a program. Thanks to everyone who twisted my arm to get this. Glad i started to watch this while no one was home. The “jump up and sing” of my portion was too incredible!


    26. Well,it may not seem easier since I go into so much detail! lol But it is really slick how it works! I will now exclusively use MTC for PNC’s even though I’ll probably still be doing the majority of my regular file designing in KNK Studio.

    27. Thanks soo much for the videos Sandy. I love KNK studio but if print and cuts are easier I might consider purchasing the MTC! Your videos were really helpful to see how things work!

    28. Thanx heaps Sandy your videos are much appreciated they make learning the software so much easier

    29. Thanks for doing the MTC videos. Same great quality as the KNK videos and certainly a good way for me to learn this new software.

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