Add Make-The-Cut to your Klic-N-Kut Experience! What does it offer that you don’t currently have?

Direct importing of SVG, GSD, and WPC files for cutting to your KNK

  • Precise, user-friendly print and cuts!
  • Opening of TTF and OTF’s without pre-installing in Windows
  • EASY conversion of raster images (JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, GIF) into cutting files
  • EASY cupcake wrapper and tumbler designing using a conical warp feature
  • Automatic circle outlines/fills for rhinestone designing
  • Instant lattice fills of images
  • Preview of auto-tracing results before application
Make The Cut Software
Make The Cut Software
Imagine It. Create It. Cut It. It's That Simple. Make The Cut! allows you to easily cut virtually any shape you can imagine (including TrueType/OTF Fonts) using your personal cutting machine. With its easy-to-learn interface, the possibilities are endless!

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  1. Sandy, I have the original yellow KNK that I’ve used for years. I moved it from one state to another and now when I try to use it, it acts like it’s not getting the data from the MTC software to the cutter. I’ve installed MTC over again, reinstalled the KNK plug in for MTC, downloaded the FTDI D2xx drivers . It will occasionally cut a couple of random straight lines if I shut off the cutter and turn it back on then try to cut a pattern. If I attempt to cut again without turning off the cutter, it does not cut at all. The cut screen will come up and the blue line at the bottom fills up and acts like it sent the data. then I get the message that the cut job is complete and if its not cutting, make sure the cutter is online. As a matter of fact, the blade will stay in the down position like it’s waiting for more data. But the cut screen says the job is done. Any ideas? If I need to purchase another serial cable from KNK, I’ll do so, but would hate to if it’s not needed. Thanks for any help you can offer. Sally

  2. Thank you for the reply, Sandy. You’re the best! Now I can make my decision and move forward. 🙂

  3. Hi Jan!

    Here is a blog post I wrote that compares MTC and KNK Studio:

    Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) has two versions. The regular one is very similar to MTC in what it offers and the learning curve. The pro version offers some better cutting functions, such as Cut by Color and controlling the return point after cutting.

    I know MTC very well because I was hired to write the UM for it. Also, MTC has a very active user forum with weekly webinars. SCAL’s forum isn’t as active. Both programs have other resources for learning such as Yahoo and Facebook groups and free online videos.

    Since you use Windows, neither program is better than the other for compatibility. However, if you ever plan to switch to a Mac, then SCAL has a true Mac version whereas MTC’s Mac version uses a built-in emulator that restricts a few of the functions. If you have more questions, feel free to email me!

  4. Sandy, I have a KNK Maxx and the KNK Studio software. Would I benefit from transitioning to MTC or Sure Cuts a Lot software? Are there many differences between the two programs which makes one better than the other??

  5. I cannot get my images imported. I followed the instructions on setting the threshold all the way, and using texturize path, but when I import it, I get an empty box.

  6. No, Make The Cut doesn’t come with the Force. Instead, the computer inside the Force houses a cutting program called C3. It opens SVG files. Thus, customers can design in any vector program of their choosing, as long as it will export in .SVG format.

    The Force hasn’t shipped yet. So you might want to wait a few months and then check out how new owners are doing!

  7. Does make the cut come with the KNK Force? Have any of the Force machines been shipped and people have shared their experience with it? Any videos of people using it? Any problems/fixes in the works — is it smart to wait for the first of the year to order so bugs are fixed?

  8. The Force’s cutting program will be able to open any SVG, so if already own a designing program that exports in SVG format, you can continue to use that. The reason I’m out of stock on MTC is that I purchase pins from new KNK Zing Air and Maxx Air owners who already own MTC and then resell the pins on my site. So, my inventory is based on that versus buying the software directly from MTC. I recommend waiting on MTC in case there is a new version produced versus just having a plugin added.

  9. I am considering purchasing a KNK cutter. I will use it mainly for fabric cutting and SVG files, but might also get into it for scrapbooking (if I ever get back to scrapbooking).

    I noticed the KNK Force was just announced today. Is it worth purchasing MTK software now so that I can start learning it and importing some SVG files from machine embroidery packages I’ve purchased? I noticed that MTK is showing as SoldOut on your site…is that because it’s changing for the new Force?


  10. You can definitely have both programs installed. In fact, you can copy and paste your KNK designs directly from KNK Studio into MTC for cutting. And yes, MTC works on 32 bit, as well as 64 bit computers and is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP through the new Windows 10. The ONLY issue you might have is that some of the early KNK Element series cutters, including some of the early XL’s, do not work with direct USB. It has something to do with how the boards were still serial connecting devices with a certain USB converter added. For these particular models, you have to purchase an RS232 serial cable, along with a serial-to-USB converter cable to get them to work. However, you can test this out before buying MTC or the cables to see if maybe your XL is fine. Please email me and I’ll help you with this test. My email is

  11. Hi Sandy
    I have. KNK XL, has been sitting idle for awhile until couple of weeks ago. I like using KNK Studio, but was looking at buying MTC as well. My computer is 32 bit. Will MTC work ok on that, and will it live happily on the same computer with KNK studio? With so many SVG and MTC files around thought it would be good to have. I don’t want to upset my machine by using two different software programs to cut from on the same computer though.
    Thanks, Jenny

  12. Make the Cut is even MORE versatile than Silhouette Studio! The online user gallery has almost 12,000 free cutting files from MTC owners. You can type in what you’re searching for and it brings up files with that tag name. Also you can import any SVG file and that’s the number 1 file format sold by file designers all over the Internet. For example, here’s one VERY popular site: But there are lots of others and many blogs with free SVG files 🙂 You can also import PDF, AI, EPS, WPC, and GSD files and there are gobs of those all over the Internet for free. Finally, the digitizing function in MTC is considered one of the best, so you can also just go to Google images and find something you like, copy/paste it into MTC and it will be pixel traced. Naturally, there are settings you need to learn, but we have videos and tutorials in the user manual to help customers learn that part. Also, our Team KNK site provides free files from our designers. So, be sure to bookmark so you can browse there and find projects/free files of interest to you.

  13. Hi…I’m in the market for a die cut machine and really like the KNK zing air and the Cameo Silhouette. I really like how the KNK is so versatile, but was wondering if the MTC software is like the Sihouette studio. Does the software have a large selection of designs or a place where I can find additional designs to my needs?

  14. Unfortunately, Silhouette does their best to prevent that by only allowing you to save files in their proprietary .studio format. This is a despicable practice aimed at trying to keep customers loyal to their cutters only. But if you purchase the Designer version of their software and then find an older version of Silhouette Studio (vs 1.9 or 2.0) that inadvertently allowed one to save a file as an SVG, then you can import that file into MTC for cutting. I know someone who has some tutorials on how to make that work and I’ll email them to you.

    If you do not want to purchase the Designer edition, there are other options, such as doing a screen capture of the image in Silhouette Studio and then re-vectorizing it in MTC. That works fine for simpler shapes but may not yield satisfactory results on small details. Then finally, I believe some people have used Print to PDF apps (such as Cute PDF) to print the file to .pdf and that will also import into MTC.

  15. I am going to be switching from the Silhouette Studio software to Make the Cut, as I am buying a KNK Zing Air. Do you know the easiest way to export my files from Silhouette Studio into MTC?

  16. You can install MTC on your Mac and use it for designing, however it will not cut directly to the Craft Robo. The Mac version of MTC only cuts to Klic-N-Kut models. Sorry!

  17. I recently received a second hand in perfect condition Craft Robo 330 L-20. Couldn’t get the plug in in Illustrator to work on my Mac using 10.9.5 so a friend was able to install RoboMaster for Quik Cutz on an older PC laptop. The best info I have found besides a couple of YouTube videos has been your tutorials. Bless YOU. Do you think it would help to buy Make the Cut and run it on my Mac (my much more familiar environment). Vector graphics are a whole new world for me, but I have been making art for decades…see above. Advice appreciated. again, thanks for the tutorials.

  18. Hi Tiffany,

    I’m not an expert on Artistic Crystals but I did make a video that has helped others using that software. See if this works for you:

    I do LOVE using Make The Cut with the Zing, as compared to using Artistic Crystals. But the rhinestone designing feature in AC is much better.


  19. I bought the zing with artistic crystals software last year and it has only cut 1 letter. I can’t find any help videos online that seem to fix it. The cutter turns on and then appears to cut on the screen but does nothing, likes its not communicating. Does this sound like a software issue?
    Would MTC help?? I hate having to sub out all my vinyl cuts.

  20. Hi Holly,

    Did you go through my free videos on converting from AI to KNK? They should have covered any problems you had. The most important thing is to save your AI as Version 8. And then, just do a few menu functions in KNK Studio to prepare the file for cutting. Here’s a link to those videos: (watch the last two videos in that list).

    As for communications, it’s very important to always use the same USB port on your computer. If you switch, then the COM port assignment will change and you’ll need to change it in KNK Studio to match. Also, KNK Studio restricts access to Com 9 or lower, so you have to force it back to a lower number in Windows Device Manager if it gets to 10 or higher.

    Certainly, MTC is easier in that you won’t need to make menu changes for your AI files and you can have Com Ports higher than 9. You will need to adjust to how things work in MTC… where images will cut and how to turn on and off the layers for cutting. But we have a lot of customers who are very happy with using it.

    Please feel free to email me at if you need more help with AI or your KNK Element. I’m always happy to help!

  21. I have a Klic n kut Element. It has been a love/hate relationship. I was thinking about selling it and then saw the new software, MTC that might be easier for me. What do you think? I have adobe illustrator and could never really figure out how to convert to a knk file. Also I’ve had problems with my computer talking to the knk. It’s a 64 bit so I had to get a another cord to connect but I still had problems. It’s not consistent. Is it my computer or the element? I don’t see many people with one.

  22. You cannot export as a KNK file, but you can export in other formats that will then import into KNK Studio. You can download the trial version here: and then see if you can open MTC files and export to EPS or PDF without registering. I have a video that shows what you then need to do in KNK Studio here:

    But yes, I think buying MTC is a great idea because it is loaded with some really cool features, like the raster tracing… which is the best I’ve ever tested! MTC is also amazing for doing PNC’s… much easier than how it works in KNK Studio.

    Regarding metric, you CAN enter dimensions as mm or cm. And then you can view the dimensions using the measure function in the Node Edit menu. Watch this video:

    Regarding the large size you’re using, it shouldn’t matter. If you are accustomed to controlling the order of the shapes, then use KNK Studio. But again, it’s easy to move back and forth between the two programs, so you can actually decide on a case by case basis.

    Personally, I find myself using MTC for all of my auto-tracing, PNCs, testing of new materials, and initial editing of files. I use KNK Studio for detailed designing, advanced node editing, and manual tracing. They have their own unique features and together they add up to a complete package.

  23. Hello Sandy
    I have KNK Max and enjoy it very much. I am using the KNK studio program and dont have any trouble in using it. I am thinking of buying Make the cut software because it seems to me that there are quit a lot of MTC files available and I don’t know if there is any program available that can convert the files to knk format.
    It looks if Make the cut is better when it comes to convert raster files.
    I worked a little bit with MTC and one big disadvantage is that one can not work in mm . I cant think in inches.
    If one want to use a file created in MTC can I export it as a KNK file?
    Another question is I am using often big paper sizes (A1) about 22 ” by 30″. Which software will be the easiest to use to cut with?

    Pretoria South Africa

  24. I don’t know if it will work, but you can test it out by downloading the trial version of MTC and then try installing some of the available plugins for different cutters. Here’s a link to the download page:

    The trial version will cut whatever you send and then add a diagonal cut through the project.

  25. Hello Sandy,

    I just purchased a Vinyl Express R Series II from Sign Warehouse. Will the Make The Cut software work for my vinyl cutter & more importantly, allow me to make rhinestone templates? Thank you Sandy, have a nice day.


  26. Hi Sally,

    I’m happy to help you with this. First of all, you probably don’t need to calibrate your Zing, if you are just cutting rhinestone shapes. I put the calibration feature into the Zing UM for MTC only for those who need things to cut at an absolute exact size. With rhinestone patterns, it’s not nearly as critical because you should cut out some test patterns at a range of different diameters and then brush your stones in to see which size works best. Then you know which size to use for designing. If you are going to cut fabric, then even then, the calibration may not matter since the shapes should cut within about 1/32” of the size specified in the software.

    What accessories came with your Zing? I think this is something that we can check on with Janome. I may have been misinformed. The Zings they sell come straight from the factory to them and not through the KNK USA facility in Florida, so it’s not something I can control. BUT I do want to understand what they are providing with our Zings so that I answer correctly when customers like you contact me! 

    Please don’t give up on this purchase! The Zing is THE best cutter in the hobby market. Not only does it cut rhinestone templates with far more perfectly round circles, but it is incredible when cutting a range of fabrics. So, let’s get these issues worked out and get you on the road to success! : )


  27. Sandy,
    I purchased the Zing from a sewing store which is through Janome. So I got the Artistic Studio Version 6. However we can not figure out how to callibrate or get the machine to cut where it is supposed to. It goes off the edge of the paper. All the help answers goes back to your software and the Artistic Software just shows to export to the cutter. But says nothing about sitting up or callibrate the cutter. So, I guess I will go ahead and purchase the make the cut CD. However, I did not receive a fabric blade or extra mats to make up for not getting the software as I noticed in another response listed above. So far, I have had it for one very frustrating week. Beginning to wish I had not made this purchase. I hope I can get it up and running and did not just throw away 1200 dollars. So far the software and the cutter have not worked hand in hand as I was told.

  28. Sandy, I would like to purchase MTC for my nephew. Can you send him a gift certificate with the registration # and how do I go about doing this? Thanks Judy

  29. If the dealer is obtaining their Zings from Janome, then no… the Zing will not come with MTC. Instead you receive extra cutting mats and a fabric blade. If the Zing was ordered from one our KNK USA dealers, then it would come with MTC. If you want to order MTC, I sell here at this site under Shop. MTC will make simple rhinestone templates… but if you plan to make a lot of them and have a lot of easy fill options, then AC is better suited for that. : ) Actually, both software packages will together give you a LOT of designing capabilities, as well as free files. MTC comes with over 5000 ready to download from the Internet for free!

  30. I just ordered a Zing from a dealer. I was at a class and this was the first time I heard of them. Make the cut looks like it comes with it. My question is does the software Make the cut make templates for Crystals. I was told I need too also purchase Artistic Crystral V. 6.0 Software to be able to do this. Is this correct? Kathy

  31. Hi Shamela,

    KNK owners seem to prefer MTC over KNK Studio because its easier to learn. The only disadvantage for those of you living in SA is that MTC displays sizes of shapes in inches only. You can input a size in mm but it will then be converted to inches for showing in the software. If you would like to try out MTC, download the software and try it out! You will need the top two files here:

    The trial will cut a diagonal slash through your shape but otherwise you can test out how much you like it. If you decide it’s for you, then you can order from my store:

    And you’ll find free training videos and the user manual (chapters 3 – 8 of the Zing manual are all MTC) here:

    You can import JPEG into both KNK Studio and MTC. You’ll need to vectorize JPEG’s before they will cut to any blade-based digital die cutter.

  32. hi SAndy

    I have a KNK Maxx the white one… will MTC work in my machine and also…. is the MTC easier to use and understand than the KNK studio – I am based in South Africa… and have no CAD experience.. hence understanding the technicalities of this programme has been difficult.

    i havent used my KNK much … and really want to get my teeth stuck into creating with my KNK…

    also… is one able to import JPEG images into KNK Studio.

    thanks a million


  33. Hi Jeff,

    The Zing, with Make The Cut is ideal for your application. You can design whatever you want to cut and import a range of raster or vector formats created in other programs.

  34. Hi there so i am looking to buy a cutting machine. the purpose i want it is so i can continue to do my own stencil art on canvas. I’m tired of having to cut them all out myself to find out its not up to my satisfaction of what i want to produce. My question fo ryou is can i take my own photos/art i’ve vreated in photoshop and save them as a specific format that would work with the software that comes with this and then be able to have the machine cut out my own custom stencils. or is this a machine (like the cricut that i’ve read reviews about) that will only let you use their own art. thanks so much for the help i really appreciate it.

  35. Yes, I do! Once I am notified of the purchase from Paypal, I send an email with the Activation Pin that is used for registering at MTC. Then an email is sent from MTC to you with your permanent registration number.

  36. Hi, Sandy,
    After playing with it a while, I ordered Make the Cut and am excited to start cutting with it. Do you send a registration code?

  37. Thanks so much for ordering! I hope you enjoy using it and definitely holler as you have questions. : )

  38. Hi Sandy,
    It’s been a very long time since I did much with my KnK…this program has inspired me to try again. I wish you had retreats closer to where I live, but hopefully this program will make things easier! I have ordered the Make the Cut program…whoohoo!
    Thanks so much.

  39. It’s great for those two functions. I’ll send you a link in just a sec. We have a version that already has the KNK Plug-in installed.

  40. i am buying make the cut. I am hoping i can download into my computer. I am hoping this helpful with rhinestones and print and cut. i have the knk grove e

    vickie payten

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