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30 Plus Materials Cut on a Klic-N-Kut

Items Created Using Klic-N-Kut Accessory Tools

Janie’s Beautiful Appliqués

KNK Projects Taken to Extreme Limits!

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  1. By cardboard, I assume you’re referring to chipboard? If you were cutting thin chipboard, like cereal box, and it’s a high quality brand, then you could cut a somewhat delicate pattern, as long as the small interior paths weren’t too small. Basically, the thicker the material, the larger the interior detail needs to be. And a lot of chipboard types are going to result in a mess because the chipboard tends to bend/collapse when a tiny blade attempts to make sharp turns.

    If you’re wanting to cut delicate patterns from a 0.02″ or thicker chipboard, then you would need to look at a laser cutter. None of the blade-based cutters can handle intricate detail on thicker chipboard.

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering how delicate patterns can the cutter cut from cardboard? Can I cut lace patterns? Do you have a sample of some delicate pattern?

    Thank you!

  3. If you decide to buy a KNK Zing, I will purchase your new, unused MTC registration for $40, so keep that in mind. I recommend you send me a list of the materials you want to cut and the shapes you want to cut and I’ll let show you how the KNK Zing handles those.

    Regarding your cutting issues, there’s a list of things which can cause tearing. I don’t know how detailed Silhouette gets with their troubleshooting of issues such as this. I know that I would have had you go through this list of possible causes before resorting to a replacement of the cutter, itself:

  4. Too much blade is exposed. If you see cut lines in your mat, shorten the blade exposure. You should only be cutting through the material itself.
  5. The blade is chipped. Try a different blade.
  6. The paper is not adhered well to the mat. Make sure the mat is clean, sticky, and the paper is pressed smoothly and evenly on the surface.
  7. You may be using too much cutting force. Try reducing it and doing test cuts.
  8. You may have too many nodes in the shape. Refer to Section 7.02
  9. If the cardstock has been exposed to humidity, then the moisture in the material can make it difficult to cut cleanly. Try blow drying the cardstock or placing in a slightly warm oven for half an hour.
  10. The material itself may be subject to tearing, especially on intricate cuts. Test on a recommended cardstock.
  11. I got a Sil Cameo for christmas 2012. It worked like magic for about 5 weeks, then started ripping paper. Any type of corner, be it obtuse or acute, would either not cut and therefore get pulled or create “shreddy” corners. I had only cut printed scrapbook paper and 65# card stock; that was all I ever cut being a scrapbooker. After lots of back and forth with Silhouette and multiple new blade replacements, they sent a new machine, at my expense. It worked as poorly as the first. I was devastated. It worked so beautifully for the first several weeks I owned it. Amazon had mercy on me and accepted a return for full refund; three MONTHS after I had had it. Shipping was also on them. They made me so totally thankful I bought it through Amazon. What customer service! I am now weary of buying any new cutter. I waited for years before purchasing the Cameo and feeling the reviews were so good I would take a chance. The zing looks great, but again, I’m worried about buying it. I already had bought MTC for the Sil CAmeo so that part is already paid for. I want a craft cutter so bad. I am going to take my time and look at all of the great Zing information here and other place online. Oh, and the blade quality is so utterly inconsistent with the Cameo it is shameful. I wish I could have been one of those with great stories to share about her Cameo. Now I’m hoping to find a machine I love.

  12. No, it will not work. The Silhouette has blades that only work with its blade holder.

  13. Thanks Sandy for your great advise. I’ll buy the Silhouette because it cheaper than zing which i love but shipping to my country will coast me a great money unless the zing has international free shipping 🙂 .

    My Question now does the cricut cake blade work in the silhoutee I search through the web and i have no answer can you help me with that i have no one to ask.

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