I’m often asked about the differences between the various Klic-N-Kut die cutters and between the software packages we support. So I created a few comparison charts that show important features.

Klic-N-Kut Comparisons

The first comparison is for all KNKs currently sold new. If you would like to see additional information, along with available accessories, please use this link.

View Comparison of Klic-N-Kut Models in PDF format

OR… click on the images below to enlarge.

knk comparison chart

knk comparison chart

I also have a table comparing all models, including our discontinued ones. This table is useful for those buying a used KNK or considering an upgrade. Please contact me at with your questions regarding the differences or if you need more information.

View Comparison of Current KNK Models in PDF format

OR… click on image below to enlarge.

ACSKNK comparison chart

Software Comparisons

Comparison of the positive features of Make The Cut versus KNK Studio

Comparison of all features (including negative) features of Make The Cut versus KNK Studio

*** These comparison charts are my creations and are NOT to be published on other web sites. You may publicly and privately share the link back to this site and you may print them for your own PERSONAL use. But do NOT take these tables and claim them as your own without my written permission.

Recent Posts

User Manual Changes and Why You Should Be Reading It

UM I want to emphasize the importance of reading the first 3 chapters of the KNK Force User Manual:

  • The KNK Force doesn’t work like any other blade based cutter in the hobby world. Read the Introduction for details.
  • If you don’t follow the instructions, you’re not going to get good cuts AND you can break a blade.
  • If you don’t understand the new settings used in Z axis cutting, you won’t be able to troubleshoot cutting issues.
  • On Monday, I uploaded a new version. Below is a list of the major changes for those who have already gone through the initial January 11 publication. There are some other minor changes such as typo corrections and a few clarifications here and there. But if you’re just interested in knowing the “big changes”, here’s the list:

  • Introduction: Added a section before Important for those customers who have never owned a cutter
  • Section 2.01.1 Cutter Tabs – covers functions on each of the main pages/sections and where to find details in the UM
  • Section 2.02: More information in the Important box
  • Section 3.04: Added two new terms: Tool Mode and Layout Mode to better explain where images will cut
  • End of Chapter 3: More materials added to the suggested settings table. This will continue to change with future updates.
  • Section 4.01: Explained more about SVG files
  • Section 4.02: Entire section rewritten to cover Tool Mode and Layout Mode for various vector programs, as well as “things to do” before or during SVG export
  • Section 4.03: Explained how to find out which C3 version you’re using and what each version changed
  • Sections 5.03 – 5.07: Added information about using Force accessory tools
  • End of Chapter 5: Recommended settings for accessory tools. This will continue to change with future updates.
  • Section 7.08: Preliminary information on design changes to make for rotary tool use
  • Acknowledgements: Added to say thanks to the people who are contributing to the content of this user manual! :)
  • As always, if you run into problems you cannot resolve after reading pertinent sections, seek help! We enjoy making KNK owners successful! Also be sure to check out the various resources for the KNK Force. Right now, the Force Facebook Group is VERY active and a great place to join in on friendly discussions and sharing of ideas and solutions. Hope to see you there!

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