Zing Videos

Here are some videos of the new Zing cutting various material:

Demo of KNK Zing and Make The Cut on Google Hangout

Zing Featured on Scrapbook Soup

Zing cutting a long section of vinyl

Zing cutting fabric, felt and craft foam

Zing cutting chipboard

Zing cutting icing sheets

Zing cutting cupcake wrapper

Zing performing a print and cut

Zing cutting balsa wood

Zing performing a print and cut from an icing sheet

Zing cutting gasket material

34 thoughts on “Zing Videos

  1. Because the Zing isn’t a cartridge-based system you have access to thousands upon thousands of free files or images you can easily import and convert to cutting files.

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  3. In general, clipart images are raster images. All blade-based cutters need vector images for cutting. Refer to Chapter 6 for videos and instructions on how to convert JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and other raster images into vectors for cutting.

  4. I have been using the zing for two weeks, so far so good. Last night I downloaded clipart of Ole Miss from google but was unable to figure out how to set up the zing program to cut from vinyl. Any suggestions?

  5. Sandy,
    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I ordered my Zing air today and so excited about it. Can’t wait to start watching all the videos and everything I can to learn all that it can do. Again, thanks.

  6. I’m cutting stencils from A4 laminate which I put thru the laminator without any paper inside. I used blue blade, speed settings 10/15, multicut 1 and 0.75 offset. Not sure what you are using but that works. 🙂

  7. Yes! The Zing Air can definitely cut 7 mil Mylar. I wouldn’t recommend it for a production kind of application where you would be cutting 7 mil Mylar for hours every day. But if you want to cut a few stencils every day, then it will be fine.

  8. I am wanting to get the Zing Air but I want to make sure it will do what I need it too. I want to be able to but mylar for stencils. Is it going to be able to handle cutting 7 mylar?

  9. Thanks Sandy!
    That’s a relief!
    I can hardly wait for my Zing to arrive!

  10. Thanks, Robert, for ordering a Zing. Not to worry… you can definitely control where shapes are cut. There are several ways to do this. I would set up the Virtual Mat in MTC using those A4 dimensions and then use WYSIWYG cut mode. Set your origin using the laser light in the lower right corner of your A4 page that you can put anywhere on the cutting mat. You will need in all cases, to calibrate your laser light location, relative to the blade tip. Those instructions are covered in Chapter 9.

  11. Hi Sandy
    I’ve just put in an order for a Zing but I am a little worried – all the demos I’ve seen start at the lower right corner where the alignment mark is. I want to cut a silhouette in the middle of an A4 page, and I am keeping the page “background” as my finished object, not the “cut out”. Can that be done?
    Many thanks

  12. Hi Andy,

    Most of our KNK owners cut either 5 mil or 7 mil Mylar for stencils. That would be equal to 127 – 178 microns. With the KNK Zing, that’s about as thick/dense as you would want to go. I’ve also cut acetate that was 5 mil. I don’t know that 240 micron (9.4 mil) would cut very well on the Zing… I’ve only cut about half that thick. I haven’t tried PVC.

    Note that if you are planning to cut in a production mode (hours and hours per day) then you would need to look at the KNK Maxx Air. The KNK Zing is considered a hobby cutter.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  13. Can I use this machine to cut stencils from any of the below
    Mylar 125microns
    PVC Sheeting 220 microns
    Acetate 240 microns?
    Can you suggest a stencil medium?


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  15. I’m sure it can be cut. What shapes and sizes of items do you need? I’ve never cut that particular material, but I would think relatively simple shapes would work. You can mail a sample of the material to either KNK USA or to me, if you like. I usually figure out which one of us is closer to the customer. I’ll email you privately.

  16. I already have the Silhouette Cameo but it does not cut 1/16″ thick anything. I’m considering the KNKZing for cutting mouse pad material that is 1/16″ thick.
    Can this be done on the KNKZing?

  17. No idea. While we do make requests for enhancements to MTC, we have no control at all over the priority of changes. Note that there are some single line fonts available for MTC which can be used for engraving. Check out the last section of Chapter 5.

  18. In KNK Studio there are some engraving fonts. You can use those to create the text and then copy/paste to MTC for cutting if you are more comfortable with it. To see the engraving fonts, you’ll need to install the fonts from the Clipart and Fonts CD. This is covered in Section 5.1 of the KNK user manuals. To see which fonts are the engraving ones, refer to the Clipart and Fonts Thumbnail directory here:


  19. Yes I ordered an engraving tool the fabric tool and the pen tool and an extra thick material blade I think too

  20. I’m using the acrylic sheets as seating cards at my wedding this summer. They are 1/16″ thick and I think 2″ by 3″. I’m going to use a fancy scriptive or calligraphy type font to say the persons name and table number I don’t know what size yet but I guess I wouldn’t want the font to be too small on the acrylic cards, I guess 2 lines of text the first line the persons name “Mr. & Mrs. John Smith” the second line the “Table #1” and the font should be enough to make the card look filled but not oversized or undersized. sorry if my description is terrible. They cards are plexiglass acrylic sheets.

  21. Hi John!

    I engraved a dog tag on the Zing… but I’ve not engraved acrylic. Based on past experience with the KNK Maxx, the settings will be identical for engraving acrylic. If you will describe what you plan to engrave… lettering size or image size, I’ll do a sample for you!

  22. I am about to purchase the KNK Zing mainly for engraving on 1/16″ thick acrylic. I can’t find any videos on the web or YouTube of anyone using the engraving feature. Would you happen to have any samples showing engraving products or more specifically engraving acrylic?

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