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About me:

I live in Tempe, Arizona with my husband of 27 years and we have two adult sons. I have BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M and worked for Exxon in Texas for 7 years before having my first child. After my boys were born, I became a dedicated stay-at-home mom. Once they were both in school, I split my time between volunteering at my sons’ schools and having part-time software support jobs.

My aunt convinced me to try scrapbooking in 1998 and I became hooked on paper crafting. When the first Craft Robo die cutters were released in the USA, I found an entirely NEW passion… digital die cutting. That grew even more after the Klic-N-Kuts were released and I was very honored to be hired by Accugraphic Sales, Inc to write the user manuals for the Klic-N-Kut, ACS, and KNK Zing cutters. I also wrote the Design Master user manual for Graphtec GB.

I provide education and support for Klic-N-Kuts (including KNK Zing) and ACS models (including Eagle and Falcon). This site provides both free and purchasable videos for KNK Studio, KNK Studio GE, ACS Design Studio, Design Master, and Make-The-Cut. I also teach classes at KNK Retreats held several times per year.

I want to thank the following wonderful people for their contributions and hard work to support my business:

  • Stacey Briggs for tracking sales and expenses, maintaining the customer database, and helping prepare for the KNK retreats.
  • Michael and James McCauley for setting up the downloadable store, adding products, developing store graphics, troubleshooting problems, mailing packages, shopping for supplies, and all the other dozens of tasks that were required to build this business.
  • Chad Youngblut for teaching me how to cut and everything he knows about KNK Studio. I also want to thank Chad for rebuilding and continuing to provide tech support for this site.
  • Kaleigh Colton for photographing samples for the Gallery
  • Lisa Stewart for getting my blog moved to this site and teaching me to use Word Press.
  • Chris Durnan for urging me to start a blog! Great idea, Chris!
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    1. Hi Sandy I did installed the programs, I have not done any calibrations, did installed the platforms but that’s it, now I am trying to do this Blue tooth and somehow I cannot find the maxx, I have many devices as my photo printers and regular printer via blue tooth, what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help in advanced.


    2. In MTC you would use the Shadow function to do the exact same thing. I normally pick an outline of 0.01″ or even smaller.

    3. Comparing KNK studio software (I’ve used several years) and MTC (I have the demo) software.
      In Studio, I can take a font (papyrus) and with the “stroke and fill” tool, I can make it a thicker line to cut easier. I don’t see this feature, for fonts, in MTC. Can you help?

    4. The forum crashed and Chad is having big problems getting it back up and working correctly. I can help with the BT issue. Have you gone through the instructions in Chapter 1 on getting it set up?

    5. Sandy I am trying to get back to the forum but I forgot my password I tried to reset and website won’t let me, what do we do next, I am looking info about how to install the blue tooth.

      Thanks and God Bless


    6. I’m retired, so I no longer sell. The selling price on the Element will depend on which model (maximum cutting width). I recommend keeping the dongle so that you can continue using KNK Studio and then you’ll get MTC with a refurbished. If it’s not an option, that’s still a computer glitch. Just call them up when you’re ready to order (800-268-3672). Having both programs is great because they each have their own special features. Here’s a post I did on this topic:


    7. I purchased a KNK Element a few years ago. Still works great. However I am ready for something more. I am looking at the Maxx Air. Possibly a refurbished unit. Do you sell them? How difficult is it to sell the Element and what might it be worth? I do have accessories and blades for it. I have the Studio software that came with it (with dongle). How does that software compare to the MTC software that is supplied with the Maxx Air. Should I have both?

    8. I never downloaded the MTC. Do you remember what my password was in order to activate it?

    9. You should be able to cut templates from sandblast material on the KNK Zing Air. I’ve cut 2 mil Hartco sandblast rubber for rhinestone templates in the past.

    10. Hi Sandy! I’m very excited to have found the KNK ZIng Air product – I’m hoping it will be just right for my needs. I’d like to use it to cut sandblast masks from 22 mil vinyl or rubber…. do you think the Zing Air is capable?

    11. Leather varies a lot in terms of how it’s been processed… in terms of three things: thickness, density, and stretchiness. The Maxx Air does the best job of cutting leather because of the high force it has. Basically, it can handle a wider range of leather types. So, I highly recommend it over the Zing Air. But if any of the leather you want to cut is stretchy, then it will need to be stabilized for cutting. That would just mean that it needs to have something applied to the bottom of it to keep it from shifting during the cutting process. Heat n’ Bond would probably work but there are lots of other alternatives, such as spray on adhesives and even freezer paper.

      As for fabric and vinyl, no worries there. Just make sure if you select a KNK, then you order a couple of fabric blades for the appliques.

      And yes, you can definitely engrave on most metals.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

    12. I make purses, mainly from vinyl, and want to start accenting them with die cut appliques. I would like to use vinyl, leather and fabric materials for the appliques. However, I am not sure which die cutter will give me the power to work with leather, particularly. I also want the ability to engrave on light meteal, if possible.

      Can you recommend a machine?

      Tonya Clinkscale

    13. Sorry for the delay, Rasa! I was out of town when you posted this and somehow missed it upon returning.

      Try again at the web site you listed. That’s the one maintained by KNK USA. I’ll let them know you tried to reach them. Did you use the Contact link at their site?

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