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(2) User Manuals, Tutorials, and Software:


SCAL5 User Manual – May 14, 2021: SCAL5 User Manual

SCAL5 – What’s New!!! How Does SCAL5 Differ from SCAL4?

SCAL5 Pro vs SCAL5 – Additional Features in SCAL5 Pro

SCAL5 versus MTC – Features and Functions in SCAL5 that are
not in Make The Cut

SCAL5 – What’s New!!! (Spanish) SCAL5- Nuevas Funciones y Cambios

SCAL5 Pro vs SCAL5 (Spanish) – Funciones o Características del programa SCAL5 Pro

Extra SCAL-Related “Stuff”

Tutorial –Converting a KNK File to SVG for use in SCAL

Tutorial –Printing a PNC project from outside of SCAL

Tutorial –Understanding Cut Line Type

Tutorial –Creating a Filled Pattern for Engraving, Foiling, Drawing, etc.

Tutorial –Extra Info on Using Effects>Line Fill

Tutorial –Calibrating the X-Y Resolution under Cutter>Cutter Settings

Tutorial –Possible Solution for Slow Cutting from Windows 10

Table – SCAL5 Shortcut Keys

Table – SCAL4 Shortcut Keys

Table – Cut Line Type Table

Table – MTC vs SCAL Terminology


SCAL4 User Manual – June 29, 2018: SCAL4 User Manual

SCAL4 Software Download – SCAL Download Page for Older Versions of SCAL

(3a) Video Support in English:

***Scrappy Dew Training Program – Over 150 SCAL5 Videos!***
Free SCAL Webinar by Scrappy Dew
How to Set Up Your Scrappy Dew Account
How to Stencil Letters in SCAL2 (because you don’t own SCAL 4 or 5)
Knife Tool vs Split Path
Manual Tracing
Designing a Rhinestone Spray
Filling a Shape with a Photo
Putting Text onto a Circle
Setting Exact Spacing Between Different Shapes
Using SCAL5’s Scan2Cut to Accurately Cut Out Preprinted Images (on Auto PNC Cutters)
Using SCAL5’s Scan2Cut to Accurately Cut Out Preprinted Images (on Manual PNC Cutters)
Matching Print Colors between Programs on a Canon printer
Using Knockout to Design Interlocking Rings
Linear Rhinestone Sprays
Designing a Name Card
Designing a Christmas Advent Clock
Importing MTC Files
Welding to the Inside of a Shape
Creating a PNC PlaceCard with a Popup Cut
Welding a Word into a Frame
Designing an Isosceles Trapezoid
Filling a Shape with Wavy Lines
Welding a Cityline to an Outside Frame
Recently Discovered Shortcuts
Using Knockout to Remove Overlap Between Shapes
Separating Shapes using Break Path
Cutting a Shape Out of a Vector Background
Sending a File from SCAL 3,4, or 5 to SCAL2
Cleaning Up a Grunge Font
Importing a List of Names for a PNC Project
Print and Foil and Cut
Foil and Cut
Solving SVG Import Problems
Stacked Letter Designing
Associating SCUT4 Files with SCAL5 in Windows 10
Replacing Letters in Typed Text
Tiling in the Regular Version of SCAL
Marquee-Select and Merging Interior Shapes with Exterior
Designing a Polka Dot Pattern
7 Key Points in SCAL5 Tracing
Resizing Text with Ascenders and Descenders
Preparing a PNG Import for PNC
Printing SVG Files
Using Both Color Layers and Single Color in a Trace

(3b) Video Support in Spanish:

Panel de Capas
Seleccionando Figuras
Redimensionar Figura Controlador Avanzado
Control Sobre Marcas de Registro Impresión y Corte
Grupo Subgrupo
Escribir en Herramienta de Trayectoria
Video Relleno de linea (Line Fill in SCAL)
Cargando Fuentes temporeras
Diseñar Bebé en Scal4 Para Cortarlo en KNK Force
Impresión y Corte

(4) Upgrade and Tech Support Issues

Upgrade from an older SCAL Version to SCAL5
Upgrade from an older SCAL Version to SCAL5 Pro
Retrieve SCAL Serial Code
Submit a Support Ticket

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