Using the Clipart Viewer – Video 26



Not sure how to best use the Clipart Viewer? Need help with customization? Then this video is the answer. But before ordering, note that this video IS provided for free to those who purchase a KNK machine… click on Details…. Sandy McCauley explains how to fully utilize the Clipart Viewer to not only locate and open files, but also to set up your favorite locations and customize the menu! You will love this tool after you make it work for you! This video tutorial will be available for download immediately after payment has been completed. *** NOTE: an almost-identical version of this video is provided free on the Designs and Images Collection 1 CD provided with every new Klic-N-Kut machine. *** This video is applicable to ACS Studio, KNK Studio, KNK Studio GE and DesignMaster.


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