Auto Tracing for KNK, ACS, DM – Video 29



Whether you have the original KNK, KNK Studio GE, KNK Studio Maxx, ACS Design Studio, or Design Master, this video package contains the information you need to learn how to auto-trace raster images like a pro! This file contains 15 individual videos designed to teach the original Monochrome Vectorization, Color Vectorization, and the new Super Size/Prepare to Vectorize Wizard. The videos total 96 minutes in length and the file also contains the same sample images shown in the video, along with step-by-step PDF tutorials. Note: this video file is over 60 mb in size. If you are on dial-up, you may wish to pay an additional $5 fee to have the video burned and mailed to you on CD. Please go back to the Store and click on “Videos on CD.”


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