Win a $25 GC and a Subscription to VDBC!!!

To celebrate this 4th Anniversary of, Chris is offering a membership to her current Quarterly Membership Club and I’m offering a $25 Gift Certificate to KNK USA! For more information about the QMC you can see some details here.

The winner will be selected randomly from those who post a comment HERE to THIS post today. Note that I will need to approve the posts and will do so as quickly as I see them. As long as your post makes it to my approval section by midnight PDT, it will qualify. I will then draw the name of the winner Sunday and announce in a new post! Good luck to all!

And don’t forget to then head over to VDBC to see the adorable cutting files available by Chris and her designers. Also, click on the Forum there to join in on more celebrations this weekend!
Happy Anniversary, VDBC!

Adorable Easter Carrot Box by Kris Kutz!

Stellar Stationery is now selling their cutting files under the name Kris Kutz and I will continue to host these files here in my store: Cutting Files by Kris Kutz

This latest one is SO incredibly cute and is a great value based on the detail of this project! Note the little fence which surrounds a carrot-shaped box, which is supported vertically within another box:

The top of the carrot lifts up to reveal any of SIX different animals that can be used as the surprise within the box:

Is this not just the cutest little gift idea or even table favor for your Easter meal? And the price for this entire project is only $4.99! Available in KNK, PDF, and MTC formats.

Need a Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Decoration?

Friends, do you dread meeting new people at holiday events because you don’t remember their names even though you just met them?

Do you dread meeting new people at holiday events because when they said their name while everybody was talking and you couldn’t hear them BUT they heard YOUR name and they address you by it?

Do you dread meeting new people at holiday events because they end up sitting right next to you and you still haven’t remembered their name?

Do you dread meeting new people at holiday events because, well, maybe you don’t like meeting new people…but, I digress.

FINALLY, you can enjoy Thanksgiving Day dinner next to your new best friend and call them by their name because you can make all your guests feel welcomed with these amazing Turkey Place Cards!!! Beautiful, eye-popping and a conversation piece because you can write your guests’ name on the front and BACK so everyone will know each other’s name. What a concept! You can make them in traditional colors or for you “walk on the wild- turkey side” make them in any colors you wish. This also makes an adorable favor to take home. For the scrapbooks at your feast, they can mount this on a page without distorting the image. Just gently slide all the cutouts to one side and it will lay flat. Again, what a concept! Need a centerpiece? Look no further…actually, you kinda have to look further in the cutting file because – are you ready? Are you sitting? Can you stand the excitement? As an added bonus, you get a second helping of turkey with the included Turkey Center Piece! Your wish came true and you didn’t have to wrestle Uncle Larry for the wishbone! Unbelievable!! It truly is a Thanksgiving to be thankful. So gobble this up and have your guests thanking you for being so thoughtful. Have a wonderful holiday!

This file is sold in .KNK, .MTC, and .PDF formats. Click here to purchase!

Zing with MTC User Manual

The pre-ordered Zings began shipping yesterday and the on-line user manual is now available for interactive viewing and downloading! Note that the manual is a first draft and I plan to make updates regularly as new video links are added, along with rewrites of certain sections, additions of a trouble shooting section and glossary, and basic corrections to grammar and typos! : )

Here’s the link: Zing with Make The Cut User Manual

Even if you haven’t ordered the Zing, this manual also covers all of the functions in Make The Cut and will be updated as new versions of MTC are released. You’ll see that this program has an incredible amount of designing and editing functionality now available! It’s an incredible program for only $58.36! MTC will cut to a long list of cutters including all models of Klic-N-Kut, Pazzles, Gazelle, Craft Robo, Silhouette, and more. You can purchase Make The Cut here at my store.

While all of the pre-ordered Zings sold out, there will be more Zings arriving at the end of the month! So, be sure to check out this incredible new cutter and let me know if you need a recommended dealer to contact!

And the winner is….

Salley Schwartz!!!

Congratulations, Salley! You have won the $25 gift certificate to KNK USA and Chris’s fabulous set of cutting files!

Thanks to everyone who posted comments yesterday! I know how much your kind words meant to Chris and her team of designers. 🙂

Salley, Chris and I’ll be contacting you by email with your prizes!

Make-The-Cut Hot Keys Plus Reasons #10, #11, #12

Oops! Been a while since I posted about Make-The-Cut! Now that the Denver Retreat is complete and I’ve had a chance to catch up on the umpteen To Do items that were postponed because of the retreat, I can now get back to this site and the 25 reasons to check out MTC! Now that Andy has released a new beta 4.0 of MTC, the list is growing, so expect it to be at least 30 reasons by the time I have the MTC User Manual completed and our new Zing is released!

But first… I have a hot key list for MTC now ready to share. This will go into the user manual, but since it’s mostly complete, I wanted to go ahead and make it available to all of my readers. Here’s the link:

MTC Shortcut Keys

And now for three more reasons to check out MTC:

Reason #10 Rhinestone Feature

MTC’s Rhinestone window provides an automatic way to outline your vector shapes or do a horizontal fill using the circle size you choose, along with the spacing. Additionally you can preview the results before accepting and also see the circle count in this same window:

Video of Rhinestone Feature in MTC

Regarding the tweaking of the designs, MTC has short cut keys set up for top (T), bottom (B), right (R) and left (L) alignment, as well as equal vertical ([) and equal horizontal (]) spacing. I also really like the new Esc hotkey to unselect all images.

Reason #11 Path Thinning

Path thinning is the same thing as Center Line Tracing in KNK Studio and other vector programs. It converts a thick line shape into a single line, such as shown above in the image of the glasses. This can greatly simplify some rhinestone designs, especially lettering, as shown in the video below. It can also be handy when pens or markers are going to be used for drawing images and/or lettering.

Thin Paths Feature in MTC

Reason #12 The Font Name Is Automatically Listed in the Layers List

How many times do we forget the name of the font we used in a design? Well, MTC has a solution for that! When you type new text, the name of the font will be assigned as the name of the layer! This was a brilliant feature to include in a program that is used by those who love to collect the thousands of free fonts available on the Internet!

Click on the image to see the fonts names that were assigned for each text I typed:

Speaking of collecting fonts, here are some of my favorite sites to grab free fonts:

If you’re ready to take the plunge to Make-The-Cut, here’s the link to MTC in my own store:

You will receive an activation pin for registering MTC and your registration number will work for all of your computers. Other videos for MTC are now available at this link:

MTC Support

And the first detailed on-line User Manual will be available within about 3 – 4 weeks!