25 Reasons to Check Out Make The Cut! – Reasons 1, 2, & 3

Today begins a topic that I’ll be covering off and on over the next month or so, to present 25 Reasons to have a look at a software program called Make The Cut! These reasons are basically features that are either not present in KNK Studio OR work a lot more easily in MTC compared to KNK. While this is mostly targeted towards those who are already using KNK Studio, the information provided, along with free videos, could also benefit anyone who is interested in MTC or just now learning to use it.

So, time to get started! Note that these 25 items are not in any particular order… but will be grouped into topic areas, such today… three reasons all related to text.

Reason #1: In MTC, you can open up and use a TTF font that is not already installed in Windows.

KNK owners know that to temporarily install a font, you need to first temporarily install it in Windows, using any of several methods, but then the font must also be installed into KNK Studio separately. In MTC, you can click on a button and then browse any folder on your computer to locate a font to import into the font menu and then use it while you have MTC open. Upon closing MTC, that font will be automatically uninstalled. Videos showing how this works in both programs are linked below, after I mention the next reason.

Reason #2: In MTC, your typed text doesn’t have to be changed in any way before saving the file and sharing with someone else.

In KNK Studio, if you forget to convert your text to a graphic, then someone else opening that file will not be able to view the text that you originally created unless they happen to have the exact same font installed.

To see the steps required in these two programs to accomplish the same thing, watch these videos:

Temporarily Installing Fonts in KNK Studio

Temporarily Installing Fonts in MTC

Reason #3: In MTC you can easily increase the preview image sizes of dingbat fonts whereas in KNK Studio, the image sizes are fixed in the Character Picker function. The best way to fully understand this difference is to watch the two videos. I really like being able to clearly see each image before selecting.

Using Character Picker in KNK Studio

Increasing Preview Sizes of Dingbat Fonts in MTC

More reasons and more videos to come in the near future! Post if you have questions. And note that I sell Make The Cut! at this link: Make The Cut! Software

New Products: DOT and Make-The-Cut

The two new products have been added to my store in the past week!

DOT (aka Dongle Organizing Toolbox) is an adorable little container for protecting a security key (dongle) or a flash drive as well as storing blade holders and blades for a range of cutters!

Read more about DOT here: DOT

Also, I’m very pleased to announce that I’m now selling Make-The-Cut! A plug-in was released last week and MTC now cuts directly to a Klic-N-Kut (all models) and offers the following advantages over KNK Studio only:

  • Direct cutting of SVG files to your KNK
  • Precise, user-friendly print and cuts!
  • Automatic circle outlines/fills for rhinestone designing
  • Instant lattice fills of images
  • Preview of auto-tracing results before application
  • Further, you can now choose between Make the Cut and Klic-N-Kut Studio when ordering a new Groove-E! The Maxx models will continue to automatically be sold with KNK Studio, but for the low cost of MTC ($58.36), you may wish to add it on!

    Note that owners of certain older KNK models may need to purchase serial plus serial/USB converter cables for communication from MTC to their cutters. Email me at smccauley45@cox.net and I can help you determine if that will be necessary prior to purchase.