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Digital Die Cutting: More fun than anyone should have with a piece of paper... or vinyl, plastic, fabric, iron-on, foil, and more!

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This web site provides support, comparisons, software, videos and other information related to the Klic-N-Kut digital die cutters. If you are just now learning about Klic-N-Kut, check out the Klic-N-Kut Info section of this site. If you are a current KNK owner and need some help, check out the Support section of this site.

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All I can say is Sandy is friggin' awesome! When you need her she is there! Pronto. (And she's cute too!)

Mike, Sugar Grove, IL.

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I just want to express my excitement I have for my KNK Zing Air. I spent a lot of time chatting with the experts, (Sandy McCauley and Joe Rotella) on what I needed in a machine. I belong to some Vinyl cutting groups and when I see the ease of the MTC software compared to the challenges others face in using other brands of cutters and software, it only reinforces the decision I made in buying the KNK Zing Air. It paid off  to pay a little more for a machine and software that shows me I am limitless in what I can do. The support through emails and videos is unbelievable. There is never an issue that can’t be addressed simply and precisely in a manner anyone can understand.  Thanks so much to Sandy McCauley for all the time you have given me in answering questions and to Joe Rotella for the superb service you offer.

Leslie F


I am about half way thru the manual including the videos.

This is the easiest to follow manual of any software I have ever used! And your video links within the manual are so helpful. Your ability to communicate is outstanding. Thank you for producing such excellent tools.

Cudos to you!



I bought my KNK element a couple of years ago. Recently I started working with it again and it would not operate. Sandy has patiently guided me through the whole process of getting it working again. She also helped me getting MTC to communicate with my KNK.
She is just Amazing!

A big thank you from Hélène (Sweden)


Well…after several “oooops” cuts on my chipboard, I was just about to give up and just do the houses in cardstock. Then, this morning I decided to search for aa tutorial from you. There it was! Your video on cutting cardstock with the Maxx Air : )

I followed your instructions to a “t”. Now I’m moving forward with my chipboard houses and a sparkly addition to my holiday décor.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help throughout the year. Your help keeps all us home (serious) crafters loving our cutting machines and finding our innermost passions. I’m sure if you weren’t “out there” to help all of us, many would not be having the love affair with their Maxx Airs (like me).

Cori S


I read Sandys manual and watched her videos and followed along and I have to say THANK YOU SANDY it was like you were holding my hand all the way through your manual and videos are awesome. I did my testing with a pen that came with the machine until I was comfortable enough to cut. By Saturday evening with Sandys manual and videos I was up and cutting vinyl. I have to say I am very impressed with this machine I really do love it.


I have taken classes from Sandy for several years and I’m always amazed at how easy her classes are when she manipulates my computer and I can take notes. Her videos are wonderful! I can watch them on my time and pause them, do the step myself before moving on. And I can watch them over and over.


This class was one of the best investments I have made. Sandy is so informed and definitely was interested in making sure that I understood various features as well as lots of extra tips which she deserves to tell you since she is the teacher. Will be signing up for more. Thanks again, Sandy!

Can we be amazed when taking classes from Sandy, Yes, we can be amazed. I walked away with so much knowledge, and confidence. Sandy leaves you with the feeling “I can do anything” with her zealous personality. She is a true teacher, with a passion for cutters. She is a true inspiration. Her classes are worth every penny! Highly recommended!!!

I have known Sandy since the first KNK came onto the market. She has alway been their to help me and has been an invaluable source of support. I have all her software teaching video’s. A must have for any newbie. Sandy doesn’t assume just because she knows it, everybody else does. Everything is explained so that you can clearly understand what is going on. Thank you Sandy for all the hard work you put into helping us all continually learn.

Three cheers for Sandy. i have a LOT to learn, but the things i have learned, i can thank Sandy for!! i may be taking baby steps in absorbing all there is to learn on the KNK – but i don’t feel rushed to learn more. i can go at my own pace, and the videos that Sandy makes, allows me to STOP at will and pick up again. A GREAT tool! Again, 3 cheers for the queen of the KNK!!

If you’ve purchased a Klick N Kut and haven’t taken any lessons from Sandy you are missing out on a entire world of information that can make an incredible difference in your level of work. Whether you’re a hobbyist or have aspirations of building a business you have to walk through her world of knowledge with her. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned in such a short period of time and believe me, I’m not comfortable on the computer. I am navigating my machine at a wonderful pace which has lifted the bar on my creative possibilities. I can’t thank her enough. It baffles me just how much she knows and how well she teaches someone like me with no computer background. Thank you so much Sandy, I’ll continue with my lessons until you tell me to stop!!!

If you want quality and more importantly, real SUPPORT, and can’t pay a fortune, then call Sandy M. She was extremely helpful in reinstalling the ACS software for our Graphtec cutter, and making sure everything is running smoothly. She is so comitted, and did all of this in between her son graduating college. The service and support you receive AFTER THE SALE IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT. SHE REALLY DOES WANT YOU TO SUCEED, AND BELIEVES IN THE PRODUCTS SHE SELLS! I would highly recommend her products and SERVICES to anyone looking for a rhinestone system! I can assure you that you will not be disappointed! Can’t thank her enough!!

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! I’m just THRILLED today!!!! THANK YOU so much for making your awesome videos work on a Mac!!!!! You are AWESOME!!

I mainly use my K-N-K for cutting fabric appliques and this wonderful machine has been the answer to my “cutting” problems. Sandy has been a delight and such a helpmate from the first email we exchanged up to the present time. WOW! She is truly a blessing. Thanks, Sandy, for the many free videos. I like the fact that I can call those up when I need a quick answer. You are the best!!!
Sandra S

Love your videos – I can actually use more advanced techniques on my Silhouette with your help! You’re the BEST!

I am learning more & more each day. I read and watch videos over & over and I think that has helped a lot too. But I really don’t think I would be this far if it was not for you, your videos & your group. Thank you so much. I love & enjoy my Maxx.
Judy S

I bought my first machine from another dealer and learned a bad lesson 🙁 SANDY by far, has offered me the MOST support of anyone. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone interested in buying a machine!!! She hadn’t even made a penny off me and has always offered professional support to all owners of these machines! love hugs and prayers! Carol
Carol B

In researching a cutter to use for my invitation business I came across Sandy’s web sight but I had no idea who Sandy was or if I could depend upon her because she was just a another someone on the internet recommending yet another product. I went to Accugraphics instead of contacting Sandy directly only to discover later that her web sight could be trusted to the uttermost and I quickly discovered just how great, helpful, reliable Sandy is. If you purchase your product from her you will find that with the product comes the most enthusiastic, amazing help anyone could ever hope for. She will surprise you with her techniques for helping you learn, she is available and anxious to help almost all of the time, like electricity she is just there when you need her. Sandy has been extremely patient with a slow learner like me who has a long high curve before the operation of a new product really clicks and makes sense. I cannot give the KNK cutter or Sandy McCauley anything but a most excellent rating.
Kathy Owens

I’ve been doing Rhinestone designs for about 6 months now, and have been struggling with using a couple different higher end cutters. I’ve never been able to get the templates cut cleanly which resulted in hours of picking little left over dots out of holes. Then trying to scrap them of the back of the template material after they fall and cling to it. I like to do large designs, 800 to 2000 stone size. It’s been a nightmare. Recently I purchased the Groove E from you and WOW. Had a little problem setting up because I had a port problem (which was easily remedied thanks to your site). I just cut 5 templates with approximately 800 stones each. I know most won’t believe it, but the Groove e cut the holes so cleanly that each and every one of the dots came off on the mat. On every template!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve done more in two days with this economical Groove e than I’ve done in the six months. I’m really glad I’ve found this site, this cutter, and most of all you. The support is terrific. Saves a lot of time, and we all know that time is money. Kudos to you.
Larry (Big Dog Impressions) Kirkle

All I can say is Sandy is friggin’ awesome! When you need her she is there! Pronto. (And she’s cute too!)
Mike, Sugar Grove, IL.

I had just purchased my Groove e from Sandy.She is very good at explaining how to use it along with the software.She knows the system like the back of her hand!She has helped me so much I cant even express my gratitude!the customer service is top notch!Sandy is also very quick to answer all my questions which is important when your stuck!Sandy has also gone way above and beyond customer service,she has designed a bunch of rhinestone patterns for me!Now lets see some of the other dealers out there do that,I dont think so!You just cant put a price tag on that!Sandy has made alot of training videos and I find them easy to understand and follow along.Sandy is always adding to her video library to help her customers.I would reccomend to you to purchase your product through Sandy you wont ever regret it I promise !I love my Groove e and I love Sandy too!

I can’t say enough good about Sandy and her support. She is so, so, professional. I have four cutting machines. None of which were purchased through Sandy. I had the original yellow KNK and Sandy helped me every step of the way with helping me get used to my machine even although it was not her responsibility to do so. I have moved on from that to a 13″ Element and Win 7. I also have a 24″ Cougar and guess who is helping me with both machines. SANDY!!! She had my KNK files cutting to the Cougar before I could draw breath. Sandy, you didn’t have to do that, but you did. That is what sets you miles away from the chaff, you are the WHEAT. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to get my KNK that was not purchased through you and my Cougar up and running. May I also add my thank’s for allowing me access to the files I lost without threating me. Thank you so very much once again Sandy.

I have had many instructors over the years but none that have left me feeling so empowered when I take a class with Sandy. She is a compassionate, patient, incredibly knowledgeable teacher and she never left me feeling like a dunce, which often times I felt like BEFORE taking her classes. If you need to learn by being shown, Sandy is the one you need teaching you. Thanks Sandy for showing us how to get the most out of our little (or big) cutters!

I have a fleet of 20+ trucks that we constantly seem to be painting and lettering a truck or two. I bought my cutter over a year ago and it has been sitting on a table in my office ever since. I attempted to read the manual more than once but never really had the time to sit down and to study it and understand it. I am happy to say that last night, after about ten minutes of watching your video, it all started to make sense and I was cutting graphics like a pro. Thanks for the video.
Bob K

It’s Alisa here, from Australia. If you were any closer I’d kiss you. Don’t freak out LOL! I’ve just finished watching your YouTube video on Print and Cut using MTC. Finally, a video that goes from start to finish. I’ve wasted 3 days messing around with all sorts of calculations, settings, blah, blah, blah. Your video has sorted me out and my PNC was perfect. Thank you doesn’t quite do it, but it’s all I have. Thanks so much!!!!
Alisa Orford-Roberts

Boy oh boy! My KNK cutter has VAMPED up my embroidery business! I am selling designs that would not have been possible with the old hand cutting method. Your cutter is perfect for a cottage business like mine. You have amazing communication skills and I am so glad I found you on the internet!
Cathy B

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I was shocked when I received a personal thank you for my contest submissions recently. It was wonderful knowning that they were received and reviewed. This is the way to do business.
Jeannie H

I had some problems and sandy answered every single email and helped me above and beyond my expectations. I can’t thank her enough!

I just want to say again how excellent your web site is www.iloveknk.com. If not for your videos and information I don’t know if I could have gotten my new computer to talk to the KNK Elements. I really never used the machine (moved and got side tracked) and paid a LOT of money for it (+600 at the time) and just now getting back to it and so glad that money didn’t burn away. You have been around a long time and so valuable in this business. Again, just wanted to give you my gratitude:-)

I don’t think we can thank you enough for all knowledge & hard work with your videos, tutorials, support & manuals. I am still in the pen testing stage & going through everything I come across, before I take the plunge. The Yahoo groups are very helpful. I found my blades at & am doing further research for compatible blade & holder alternatives. My advice to others is to Read, watch more videos & learn, so Sandy has time to share the good stuff.

Thank you for your kind assistance, it is so refreshing to see true customer service being practiced in this day and age, most other companies just treat you as a number not as a person.

I just finished reading (or in some cases skimming) the whole document, trying things out that sounded interesting. I even went back and read some things that I had skimmed before (because I “already knew them”) and learned new things. I normally hate manuals, but really, you are very talented. You should offer to write for Microsoft Server products. 🙂 It sure would make my job easier.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ We have an earlier model Klik n Kut and have upgraded to a 15inch KNK Maxx. I could not get print and cut to work properly in portrait mode, found your guide in landscape mode and it works a treat. Had trouble with the port already open message, found your video re this, changed the setting and all good so far. Also had the carriage return problem, also fixed after watching another video. I watched your videos re the Com port. I changed the port number from 19 to 2, rest set the software to Com 2 and the laptop is now talking to the Maxx. So now it is thank you 4 times over. Thank you for your time, website and videos.
Phillip H

Thanks again for your advice and I will follow it. When you are new at this it is a blessing in my day to have such wonderful support. You are greatly appreciated.
Ginny M

You definitely have offered the best customer service I’ve ever experience and I have a LOT of experience in that area!
Becky F

I cannot say enough good about Sandy and Chad for helping me this weekend! Stellar customer service. Great customer service will separate you from your competitor and grow your company!!! Thank you so much!
Patti P

Thank you Sandy for all you are doing to help me. It is greatly appreciated!
Andie M

I’ve owned my KNK for many years.. I was one of the original big yellow KNK owners. When I received the machine, I never even opened the box for over a year and by then, I knew just about nothing about an electronic cutter, especially one as rich as the KNK. After contacting Sandy to ask her to please adopt me (I think I’m just a little older than her), that’s when my love of the KNK and Sandy started, Over the years I have been heavily involved with technical support and technical publications. I have never dealt with anyone more professional or learned in their field than Sandy. She has proven to have unending patience, kindness and skill. I promise, I would have given my machine away many times over the years if it weren’t for Sandy reeling me back in. Sandy has always been the catalyst to getting my problems solved and has never give up until they were solved… even when I thought a fix was impossible. I have been blessed to have found and worked with Sandy and she continues to be in my top 5 favorite business people ever.
Lynn B

I love Sandy McCauley for all her help and support for every Zing owner. She is prompt, thorough and cannot be beat. Her online manual, support in the user groups, sunny disposition and a complete knowledge of the machine and it’s software is incomparable!
Peggy S

Sandy, you have been great! I will probably email you soon with some questions if you don’t mind about optimal settings and such. In the meantime I just wanted to check in and let you know how happy I am 🙂 I think that you are a major reason why KNK/Accugraphic seems to be getting it so right. Thanks for everything!

I have been doing all sorts of crafts for many years, I have tried many cutters and was not happy with any of them until I found the Zing and the most important part of that is Sandy. I have never received such good customer service on anything that I have used. An email always gets a quick response and questions are taken care of. All of her videos and instructions are by far the best of the best! I am having fun trying the new things and am not afraid to try them because I know there are instructions for any problem online and she is always very pleasant and knows the answers. ZNK is so lucky to have her on board. I could go on all day about how much I appreciate this gal and how fantastic the machine is, Thanks Sandy. You are the best.
Jean M

Thanks for all you have done to help me get to the place where I design in KNK Studio. It’s been the best move ever! Of course I’m still learning, but I make myself keep plugging along in Studio when I think that I can go to Illustrator and do the same task easily. Your videos and manual are so helpful. KNK is lucky to have you on their team! I’m sure they know that already. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated!
Shirley C