No tests! No grades! Just a one-on-one class to cover whatever YOU need to learn to be successful with your cutter OR the software. We will talk by phone but I will also connect by VNC to your computer (aassuming you have high-speed Internet) so that I can show and teach directly in the software of your choice. This is an excellent opportunity to learn everything you need to know about your particular cutter and/or the software that accompanies it.

Classes can cover the any of the following machines:

  • Klic-N-Kut
  • Zing
  • ACS Eagle or Falcon
  • Silhouette
  • Craft Robo
  • Wishblade

  • and any of the following software programs:

  • KNK Studio
  • ACS Design Studio
  • KNK Studio GE
  • Make-The-Cut
  • Design Master
  • RoboMaster
  • Wishblade Advance

    Note: After payment, customer will arrange a specified time for the private class. In general, classes are taught Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 4 :00 pm MST (10:00 am – 6:00 pm EST or 7:00 am – 3:00 pm PST). Special arrangements can be made for classes to be taught in evenings or on weekends. There is no fee for re-scheduling within one hour of the scheduled class time; otherwise a $10 fee will be assessed.


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    1. Hi Kari,

      I can help!

      Go the site above. Enter the pin number and your email carefully. After registering, a registration number will pop up on the screen and also sent to the email address you provide. That is what you use for registering inside the software. You can install on all of your computers… just plug in that registration number you received by email… no need to re-register or anything like that. They do request that you only be using it on one computer at a time.
      Be sure to also click on the Zing Support page at my site! I have a lot of other stuff there that will prove helpful to you!

    2. Am a Janome dealer and need help with registration of Make-the-cut software when bundled with Zing cutter.
      Called Janome, but they say I need to talk with Make-THe-Cut. Wrote my question in their Live Chat and hit send, but don’t think anything happened. Maybe you could help me with a phone number so I could help my customer. the CD came with a 12 digit number on the white CD sleeve, but typed that number into the Registration blank, but the ACCEPT key wouldn’t light. Thanks. Kari

    3. I have a wishblade and used it to make vinyl lettering for my wedding reception. It was so HARD to do. I want to do more crafts and am very happy I found your website. I am wondering what type of computer. I remember having issues with the software. I want to make sure I use the correct computer. I would like to discuss more and take a class from you. Thanks. Elizabeth (new to this crafting world)

    4. Hi Jennifer,

      Sorry for the delay in answering.

      Due to a law suit filed by Provo Craft (makers of the Cricut), Make The Cut had to disable their software from working with the Cricut. Sorry!

    5. Hi Sandy
      We emailed each other a while back about my free class. When is a good time for you? I really need help with setting my blade up for cutting vinyl..I am having problems cutting small details..Its eating my vinyl up. I bought the MTC from you and I love the program. Ive tried different settings with my blade height and my speed being 50 and pressure between 40 and 50.. So I dont know what I am doing wrong.. Thanks Karri

    6. Hi! I have a circuit… Can you use the make the cut with it? I have seen conflicting info on this! I would like to be able to cut monograms … I would like to have a phone lesson when I decide what my plan is for software/cutters…

    7. No problem! Patterns for 6SS stones are often designed and cut on the KNK machines!

    8. Hi.i want to make rhinestones template but kindly guide me that is it possible to make a design as small as only one inch in which 6ss rhinestones are used. For example. I want to make a cube consists of 4 (6ss) stones. It is possible to cut this type of small template?

    9. Hello Sandy,
      This is Roe Lundgren, my computer finally crashed 🙁 I need to get the info on how to download the program for my cutter.
      Thank you!!
      Roe Lundgren

    10. I no longer teach the Wishblade. You should be able to find some support online. There are many forums and Yahoo groups still supporting this cutter.

    11. Good afternoon,
      Do you still teach about the wishblade? Do you sell videos about same? I’m most interested!
      thank you

    12. I’m so glad you brought this up! Yes… I do need to add that and will do it now. I very much will teach MTC classes now that I feel very comfortable with the software.

      I’ll make it available now, but you can go ahead and buy a class and we can cover whatever you need to learn.

    13. I need help! I have KNK Maxx and moved it to a different computer but downloaded MTC. I can’t seems to cut anything. do you teach private classes for MTC? that wasn’t on the pull down menu for software when I was going to sign up and pay for a class.

    14. Hi Denise,

      The outside and interior cuts are definitely workable. The debossing is possible… will depend on the paper itself. I’ll email me privately

    15. Hi Sandy-

      Hopefully this will seem so simple to you! I need a machine that will cut a rectangular piece of paper with a rectangular opening in the center. Dimensions are approximately 60mm x 55mm for the exterior dimension and 30mm x 25mm for the interior cut.

      Additionally-and ideally-the machine would deboss around the interior cut.

      If your machines that you speak so highly of can do this (even without the debossing) I would buy one today. Could you please email me a response to see if we need to have a further conversation or feel free to call: 203.834.1984

      Looking forward to doing business with you.

    16. I have another web site: where you will find the written class tutorials on using RoboMaster. I taught these at a local store years ago, and they should help you a lot!

      Note that Make The Cut will cut to your Craft Robo and you might want to consider adding it because it has SO many great designing features missing in RoboMaster… plus more to come! RoboMaster is basically finished in terms of advancement. MTC is much newer! Plus you get access to over 4000 cutting files from their online gallery, as well as the extra functions. I sell it in my Shop above and will be writing the user manual for it, plus making lots of videos. : )

    17. Hi Sandy,
      I bought an older version of the Craft Robo and am looking for some help learning more about it but I live in Australia so a phone class may be a bit difficult. Do you offer any internet classes or have any tutorials that may help me??? I have the robomaster software and have tried some very basic designs which I was happy wirth using the grids – but would love to learn more!
      Thanx Debbie

    18. Sandy,
      I look forward to my first class! Can you respond to my email address? I could not find yours on this site and I thought I could remember it when you told while I was driving…not.
      Looking forward to Wednesday September 7 @ noon EST. YAY!

    19. Sorry Ali, I don’t support Photoshop or Illustrator… and neither one is well suited for rhinestone design. You actually want something like KNK Studio or Make The Cut or possibly another program.

      Which cutter do you own?

    20. Hello Sandy,

      I need help in learning to design rhinestone templates in Photoshop or Illustrator. Currently I am making the dots one by one, but it is to time consuming. Can we schedule a class?


    21. Ah! So sorry for misunderstanding! You want a class on print and cut!

      This is covered in Section 4.7 of the User Manual, but I also have a Print and Cut video class you can order for $14.99. It has 7 different videos which take you step-by-step through the calibration and print & cut processes and some extra information on perfecting your print and cut. It’s a better deal than buying a 90 minute phone class since the videos actually show me performing a print and cut and seeing it is the key to fully understanding the method. Also, you can send me emails if you have additional questions after viewing the videos.

      If you are interested, email me and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice! I need to get this listed in my store, but haven’t had a chance.

    22. Sandy, I already vectorize them, I work with Illustrator to create my images and I know how to import them into KNK Studio, I do that now for cuts all the time, but I don’t know how to get my machine to cut around images that I have already printed on cardstock with accuracy.
      Thank you, Pam

    23. Hi Pam,

      Start with just ordering my videos on Auto-tracing for KNK ACS DM and then Manual Tracing 2. Watch those… email me with questions and then we’ll see if you need an actual class. These videos teach you the two methods for vectorizing an image which is precisely what you want to be able to do. My email address is

    24. I have a KNK Max, but I don’t know how to get it to contour cut around printed images. Is that possible? If so, please, please let me know and I will purchase a class. Should I purchase the 1 hour or 90 minute class for this?
      Thank you,

    25. Sorry, Denise! I do not teach the Gazelle. : ( I only teach the machines that cut from KNK Studio and related versions of KNK.

    26. The Groove-E can cut all the same things that the Maxx models can cut. It has the same maximum force of 950g. The Wishblade, Silhouette and Craft Robo only have about 230g max and other limitations that restrict them to cutting only thin materials such as paper, cardstock and vinyl. The Pazzles has about 500g and it can cut more of the thicker denser materials, however, it doesn’t have a fabric blade, nor the ability to set the parameters in the software for getting great cuts from fabric.

    27. Hi Sandy,

      I was so excited to find your site, and so sad to find that you are no longer selling and supporting cutters.

      Quick question: I’m researching cutters for use with vintage papers and stencil plastic, possibly felt or other fabrics.

      I saw your photo album of various materials that th Klic-N-Kut can cut, but I was wondering if *all* their machines can cut balsa and shrinkydinks or just the larger more expensive machines. I am considering the Groove-E (as well as the Wishblade, Silhouette SD, Pazzels Inspirations, and Craft Robo.)

      Any info or input would be lovely.

    28. Oh yay… I fixed it all by myself! lol I might just master WordPress yet! lol

    29. Oh yeah… there’s definitely something different about how the classes work versus the videos… I’m glad you let me know about this. I’ll get Chad to check it out.

    30. I just sent you an invoice… no problem! It’s been a while since I tested out my site. I think you have to located the Shopping Cart button and then once you see the class in the shopping cart, you can proceed from there. Off to test it out again. 🙂

    31. Sandy, I clicked on the add to cart button for one hr but nothing happend. Can you send me a invoice thru Paypal?

    32. Hi Claret! Since you already own Illustrator CS3, you might want to invest time in learning how to use it since you’ll be able to cut directly from this program to your Silhouette. If you want to learn more about your actual cutter, then I’d be happy to teach you and a single 60 minute class will be sufficient. Once you learn the ins and out of cutting, you can then focus on learning how to design your own files. If you decide you need more cutting force and cutting width, then the Cricut Expressions coupled with a software program called Make the Cut, is a definite option. However, if you REALLY get into designing, then I think you’re better off upgrading to a Klic-N-Kut which will import your AI files and provide you a LOT more cutting force and other options.

    33. I just opened my Silhouette a couple of months ago after having for two years and then I saw where other software programs can be used with it. I have the original Silhouette. I would like to make arrangements with you for a lesson. I have used it but my cutting does not always cut on the first time. Is this machine as good as the Cricut? I like nestability shapes but do not want to pay for dies. Can I make files and cut them? I am good on the computer and do intermediate work in Photoshop CS3. I also have Illustrator CS3. I have worked with nodes in my embroidery machine software and editing outlines.

    34. Yes, there is a way. You’ll need to purchase either Make The Cut or Sure Cuts a Lot (I think the first one is the better program currently). This program will allow you to do a lot more with your Expressions, such as use TTF fonts, auto-trace clipart, and import SVG files.

      If you look at my latest cupcakes post, you can download Judy’s cupcake wrappers in PDF format. Then you’ll need to download a program called Inkscape from Use that program to import the PDF files and save as SVG… and then you can import those SVG versions to cut to your Cricut.

    35. I was wondering if you could help me. I have made the mistake of purchasing a Cricut Expressions with out knowing about the other cutters on the market. I would very much like to use your cup cake wrapers is there any way I can make my Cricut work with this design? I would so apprecate your help with this. I trully regret not know about other programs with would be better to use and purchas a way different cutter. Thanks for your help.
      Karen Martin

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