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Rhinestone Re-sizing Calculator
… KNK Studio/ACS Studio users, please refer to the Rhinestone Resizing Video
… Make The Cut users, please refer to the Rhinestone Resizing Video

Rhinestone Re-spacing Calculator
… KNK Studio/ACS Studio users, please refer to the Rhinestone Re-spacing Video
… Make The Cut users, please refer to the Rhinestone Re-spacing Video

Cutting Rhinestone Template Material on the Maxx

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  1. That’s the Blade Offset setting. You need to adjust it based on the blade type. Although, with some computers, it needs to be higher, as I recall, than the recommended value. I would do some small tests and try a range from 0.1 to 0.8 and study the differences.

  2. I am new to easy cut studio and cut Rhinestone Template. I noticed a lot of circles had a cut on one edge.

  3. I had my Groove-E packed away and thought about really retiring, but I just can’t. So I pulled it out, but somewhere my memory was erased along the way. I need some help with the Cut Plot settings.
    My blank size is set at 12 W x 16 L. I highlight the image ans when I click Cut – the image shows up near the top right on the mat . I have to rotate it to show bottom left. But when I do that, the top line is not at the edge of the mat….perhaps 2 inches away from it. The Axis Sweep box is checked. Looking for some cut plat set up parameters.

    Thanks Sandy

  4. The Zing Air is better suited for business again due to being able to cut at higher speeds. Also, based on all of the consulting I’ve done in rhinestone applications the past 5 years, I’ve learned that customers will often have unreal expectations for rhinestone designs. Specifically, you’ll get customers wanting detailed company logos or wording done in specific fonts that will not yield rhinestone designs that are readable or recognizable. That’s where HTV is the solution. Often a combination of HTV and rhinestones will produce the perfect product. The HTV is used for the details and then rhinestones used for the border or for larger parts of the design. The HTV market is exploding in terms of variety. Here’s a link to what KNK USA now carries: http://knkusa.com/shop/category/iron-on-fabric-material/

    So, another advantage to a KNK Zing Air over a Cameo would be that you can cut up to 14″ in width and many of the HTV products come in 15″ rolls. The Cameo can only cut up to 12″. Now, you may never need to cut something that wide, but the 15″ lends itself to a more efficient use of materials and time. You won’t need to trim down your material to fit the cutter AND if you are cutting multiples of the same design at the same time, you’ll waste less.

    The Zing Air also comes with Make The Cut whereas you would need to buy that software separately with the Cameo. While the Cameo does have decent software, you can’t directly import a lot of the existing file formats available. And there are times when buying an inexpensive existing rhinestone pattern makes far more sense then spending hours designing the exact same thing from scratch. I’m referring to things like sports balls or ballet slippers or wine glasses or cancer ribbons.

    If you have more questions, feel free to email me at smccauley45@cox.net. I can also recommend some dealers to you if you decide you would like to know more about the Zing Air and would like one who knows about rhinestone applications.

  5. Thanks for your prompt response. I will be using for both business and personal to see if it’s something I want to do on a broader spectrum. What would you recommend?

  6. The Cameo will work. I despise the brand due to company policies, like restrictions on file formats. But you can buy other software, like Make The Cut, to get around the limitations. Most people doing rhinestones will also end up doing HTV applications and the Cameo is a very slow cutter. So, if you’re planning this as a business, you probably should look into a more professional option. But if you’re doing this just for you, then the Cameo will work fine.

  7. Hello! I am completely new to this….I want to purchase a cutter to make rhinestone templates for T-shirts. I keep coming back to the Silhouette Cameo. What would you recommend? And what all would I need to get started? Thanks in advance.

  8. I am looking for software recommendations. We currently have a fc8600 Graphtec cutter, sai/flexi pro software, Corel draw x6 and Photoshop cs6. Im looking to add Rhinestones to our existing sign, bannner and print business. I would like some suggestions on software to be either a plug-in or stand alone. We are very familiar with the programs that we currently utilize and would like to stay with something similar in functionality. This will just be an added service for us so I would like to keep software cost down, although being able to use it over rules price. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  9. Hi Katie,

    Congratulations on being selected to perform at the Orange bowl! That’s so exciting!

    I’m sending you an email with all the details that you need for doing rhinestone shirts. Since you don’t have a lot of time, let me offer my services in helping you design what you’ll be needing to cut. Most of the hard work is just in designing the rhinestone pattern or patterns.

    Watch for an email from me. If you don’t see it within the next hour or two, please email me at smccauley45@cox.net.

  10. We are Cheerleaders from a small town in Arkansas and were selected to perform at half time at the Orange Bowl New Years .

    We are trying to raise money to help with our expenses.

    We just purchased a

    Klic N Kut KNK MAXX ACS-24HF Automated Cutting Device with MTC which had only been used two times.

    We are wanting to do Rhinestones but know little about it. It would be greatly appreciated if you could tells us what we will need. Materials, extra cutter supplies etc.

    Thanks for your support,

    Cheers To You….Katie

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  12. Hi Charlotte,

    In the software, please go to Help>About Make The Cut and tell me the Version of the software it shows. Also, what size circles are you cutting? And did you get the blade set correctly so that you are not cutting into the mat?



  13. Hi, Sandy!
    I am new to MTC and cut my 1st Rhinestone Template. I noticed a lot of circles had a cut on one edge. My settings w/Blue Blade placing Green sticky template material directly on the mat were:
    I set the size of circle 2 sizes above my stone size and spaced them to 0.0333. It worked but I didn’t think my circles should have a cut on the edge. Any advice? Thanks!

  14. Did you get the football image successfully pixel traced first? Send me the image and I’ll have a look and then probably make a video to show you how I would do the design.

  15. Hi Sandy,
    I want to make a die-cut, I want to put a jpeg football into a heart shape. I watched your video with die-cutting shapes but I could’nt get it to work with a jpeg image. I want to then make this rhinestones and put it on a t shirt. I have make the cut software.
    thanks sandy

  16. Hi, how can I install the rhinestone re-sizing calculator on my computer? Or can I only use it by going to your website? I understood that I can install it on my computer, which would make it usuable if I am somewhere where I can’t get online. Thanks,Vicky

  17. I would recommend either the 13″ Groove-E (which is still available) or the new Zing. Both come with software programs which can do rhinestone pattern designing. I’ll email you with more details!

  18. I want to purchase a cutter to make rhinestone templates. which cutter would you recommend? does the software that comes with the cutter, have what is needed to make the holes to put the rhinestones in? where can i get the rubber template material? thank you

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